Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A NEW First...

UPDATED.....Sorry for not updating on this fiasco sooner...we have been so busy around here!

Peyton loves standing on a chair and flipping over our couch once his daddy comes home from work! I always joke with Kevin that he turns into a different child at 5:30! So, on this particular night, Kevin and I were at the bar eating dinner and Peyton was playing and decided that he wanted to try to flip over the couch. We had told him "NO" many, many times and finally we gave up and just let him have at it! Big Mistake made by thing we know, he is laying on the ground beside the chair, two steps away from us crying. We were thinking he just bumped his head so we were simply comforting him. Kevin was holding him and I went to wrap his "sissy" others known as a blanket around him and all I see is blood pouring out of his mouth. Needless to say, we both went into panic mode. It looked like something from a horror movie. We got him to the sink where we could wash his mouth out with water and eventually realized he had busted his lip. Not a pretty sight at all!

Fortunately, there were no broken teeth and nothing more that a BIG FAT LIP! It was a sad situation, but he was fine within 10 minutes of it all happening!

My very first "fat-lip!" More on how it happened later...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My First Baseball Game

Last night we took Peyton to his first Tides Baseball Game. One of Kevin's best friends is moving to Orlando in a couple of weeks and wanted a last hoorah before he left! So, eventhough it was a Tuesday night, we managed to make our way to the game!

Peyton, Kevin and I met up with Dave, which by the way has become one of Peyton's best buddies, and went into the stadium. Peyton wanted to stay with Dave the whole time. We went in got Peyton a box of popcorn and a coke and met up with everyone else.

When we got to our seats, Cooper (the one moving) tried to hold Peyton and he didn't like that. He wanted his buddy Dave! He sat on Dave's lap for the first 3 innings watching and eating popcorn and shouting out to the mascot who we guess he was calling Elmo. And for the record, this guy is blue and his name is Riptide! Dave tried to take him down to get a closer look at Riptide but Peyton wanted nothing to do with that. He started crying for mommy as soon as they started walking towards him.

Peyton managed to snag a foul ball on his first ever baseball trip. He actually didn't catch it himself, but was given one from a nice guy who was working at the stadium. He was trying to throw it at everyone so we had to take it away. Then, Cooper tried to make friends by buying the little guy a Riptide Beanie Bear. He thought that was pretty cool and held on to him the rest of the night!

We left after the 4th inning because it was way too cold and was getting late. Peyton did great sitting through the game though. He was clapping when everyone else did and taking it all in! It was such a great night...too bad we forgot the camera~

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

We finally made it to church on Easter morning...yes we are those people who manage to make it on the major holidays! We plan on changing that once we get more comfortable with the church!

We managed to snap a few pictures of Kevin and I with Peyton before leaving!

Peyton with his Daddy!
Peyton and Mommy
After church we headed over to Nana and Pop Pop's house for a wonderful Easter lunch! The food as always was amazing! Everyone was there and of course Peyton's favorite person ever...COLE! He loves Cole more than anything!

Peyton with his awesome Easter Basket that his Nana had made! There were so many goodies in it...Peyton especially loves that frog that is coming out of the top and sides. It is actually a nap mat! He lays on it every single day!
Then it was time to go hunt for Easter Eggs. Peyton was not really sure what to do until we showed him what exactly he was looking for and after that he was looking everywhere! It was soo cute!!
All the kiddos after the hunt! They were all counting their loot!
Peyton enjoyed playing with all of his buddies and eating all of the candy! He loves Reece Cups...just like his daddy! We hope everyone had a great Easter!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The First Zoo Trip 2010

We headed to the zoo last weekend for the first time this year~

The weather was amazing for the end of March.

Peyton had a blast looking at all the animals and telling us the noises that each of them make!

He decided he needed to test out this little brick wall and take a rest.
His daddy holding him up to check out the lambs...I think! He was a little unsure due to the fact that one of them decided to come right up to us and stick his snout through the fence.
He loves trying to walk on a "balance beam." We think he likes this so much due to The Little Gym...He is pretty good at it as well.
Just being his cute little self!
Me and Peyton checking out the turtles! He loved looking at them!
We had such a fun afternoon and I am sure that we will spend many more days hanging at the zoo!