Monday, December 10, 2012

Catch up has really been an entire month since I updated the blog!  Time sure has flown by...and with the holidays I can't find a spare minute to do anything! 

We have been super busy...lots of happenings going on...we are in the midst of selling one of our frozen yogurt shops and bringing new partners aboard on our other location! 

Thanksgiving was such a wonderful time, full of super yummy food thanks to Nana!  Everything was simply delicious! 

The kiddos are growing like crazy.  Peyton is 4 1/2 and he tells everyone:)  He has his flu vaccine today and was not happy at all about that!  He is doing wonderful in school these days.  He LOVES it and that makes me feel at ease about it.  He is anxiously anticipating Christmas.  Buddy the elf came back the day after Thanksgiving and has been up to all kinds of fun things since being back.  Peyton loves waking up and coming to find him every morning.  He loves Santa Claus this year.  He actually went to sit on his lap at the mall...we were shocked.  But it did happen! 

Maddox on the other hand...hates Santa!  Simply put, I no more detached him from my  hip to sit him down and screaming he did!!!  So it looks as if we will get no santa pictures with him this year.  He is walking everywhere. He really took off Thanksgiving day.  Just decided it was time and off he went.  He is still his adorable little self that will eat almost anything you put in front of him.  He is waving bye-bye now and loves to blow kisses.  Each night he will blow us a kiss when we tell him it is bedtime!  Too cute:)  Still only saying mama, dada and grunting for everything else...Kind of how he tells us what he wants.

Kevin is in the Bahamams for the week and we are headed to NC to visit.  Peyton is super excited to visit his Noni and Popi!  Hopefully we can get some pictures up soon!  Quick recap of our life at the moment!!