Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Praying for the Stones

Please join us as we pray for the Stone Family.
Here is a page to stay updated on the progress of John & Warren

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Big Weekend

It was a big weekend. Sunday morning my 4th tooth popped through. I now have two top teeth to match my two bottom teeth. Stay posted for pictures as my teeth come in enough to be photographed.

In addition to my teeth, I have also learned how to get around. In the past, I rolled from place to place to get to where I wanted, but now I have decided it is time to get faster.

At the end, you will find out what happens when you scare me. Daddy clapped for me making it to his cell phone and in my own words, I told him again not to scare me.

The video does not show it but I also have learned to do my first yoga pose...the downward facing dog.

This picture was not one of my best performances. I can actually straighten out my legs and arms and move all the way up to my toes...Daddy just wishes he could do it like I do. Keep Dreaming Daddy!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

And Mommy and Daddy are pleased to announce

The Cover Boy for the 2009 New Hope Center's Little Miracles Calendar...

8 Month Picture

As you have seen from the past 8 months, we have a tradition to document each month of my life through pictures at the Picture People. Here is the picture we decided on from last week.

Here are some of our other favorites...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Third Tooth

My third tooth appeared today. It is my first top tooth, actually my top right tooth. It looks like the top left is right around the corner. Once it is in enough to get a picture, Mommy and Daddy will certainly photograph it so i can put it on my blog.

December Picture People

With all of the fun looking back and posting pictures and the story of my first Christmas, I forgot to post the pictures from the Picture People. Here are some of the them:

My First Christmas

My first Christmas Morning arrived and look what awaited downstairs

Mommy got me out of bed and brought me downstairs when Daddy was ready
Before it was time to go see everything under the tree, it was time for some Christmas Breakfast...YUM
Then some pictures
Mommy & Me
Daddy and Me
Then my Nana & PopPop came over to join in the fun
This is so fun.
Family Pictures from Christmas Morning
And Christmas Night Pictures, before going to Nana & PopPop's for dinner

Here I am with my Mimi & Pop at Christmas Dinner...I love you Mimi & Pop

Then Mommy and Daddy saw a photo shoot opportunity.
And the next week was time for Christmas with my Nona & Popi. More presents for me??? How will i ever play with all of these toys?

My first Christmas was so wonderful. It was great being able to see everyone. Thank you for all of my wonderful presents. I love them all. Now i need to go play with some of them so I will talk to you all later.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Glad you have time for me Daddy

It is only about a month later, but Daddy finally found time to post about Christmas.

Twas the day before Christmas and we went to see my Cousin Cole

First we stopped on the front porch for some pictures in Cole's red rocking chair.

We then went inside and Cole played me one of his original songs on his guitar.
My Mimi came to join in all of the fun

And Carlee came too
When outside Cole heard such a clatter, he looked out the window to see what was the matter
He moved to the front door to get a better peek
And looked back at everyone, letting out such a shriek
Do you recognize those boots?
SANTA!!!!!!! I KNOW HIM and he was at Cole's house to visit on Christmas Eve
Cole & Carlee loved to visit
Then it was my turn...Daddy got me close and well...
Then Mommy tried and much of the same
Santa knew what to do and grabbed a lollipop.
Then we tried while Cole was on Santa's lap, dressed in his Chef's Costume
Nana & PopPop even got to visit with Santa
And then all of the girls posed with Santa (Nana, Cat, Carlee, Meg, MiMi and Mommy)
Then we tried again. Santa tried his silly face with me. Daddy loves this picture.
But once the humor of the funny face wore off...
That is better, I am with Cat & Carlee and Santa is a safe distance behind
Christmas Eve night we went over to my Nana & PopPop's house for dinner and presents. It was so fun. Wrapping Paper was everywhere...
Sometimes you need to get your feet involved
Or both feet and hands
Merry Christmas to All and to all a good night