Monday, January 30, 2012

A sweet laugh...

Memory for me...
Maddox laughed out loud today for the first time...
What a sweet sound!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Just to Remember..

I just wanted to write this down so I can remember...pretty boring!!

Maddox went to bed last night at 7:45...he knows when it is bedtime for sure! He woke up at 4...I have been bringing him into bed to nurse him and normally he will fall back asleep. Last night, he was very fussy in bed, so I took him back to his room where I rocked him for a while. After that I decided to lay him in his bed...he was kind of in and out, so I did.

I heard him peep one time right after I put him down, but then he slept until 8!!! I was glorious!!!!

He is smiling and cooing and talking all the time now!!! Such a sweet age!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Popi!

This weekend we went to North Carolina for a very special birthday!

Our Popi (My Daddy) turned 60 years old on January 11, so we missed his actual birthday, but went to celebrate this weekend. This was the first time that we have made the drive back to NC since Maddox was born.

I was nervous about taking a 3 month old on a 5 hour car ride, but he did great! We left at 3 and he and Peyton slept a majority of the way...Maddox woke up with about 30 minutes left in our trip because he was hungry. Oh the things we do with a newborn. I hovered over his car seat and fed him...quite a challenge if I do say so myself!

We met for dinner and headed to Noni and Popi's house and Maddox didn't miss a beat! We were a bit nervous about the nighttime routine since he had been asleep for almost 5 hours! But he took his bottle and off he went and slept until 4:30 so we were very happy about that.

Saturday we did absolutely nothing! Peyton wanted to play pool and shoot we were able to play pool, but it was a bit chilly to play outside!

After playing all day, we got ready and Kev, Maddox and I went back to the hospital where we had been 14 weeks ago!!! Talk about a crazy, emotional walk into the hospital. We made our way to the NICU floor and got to visit with one of our nurses, Candace, and our most favorite NNP, David. It was very strange being there with a perfectly healthy 3 month old, who just 14 weeks prior was on all kinds of oxygen, stopped breathing, etc.

David came out and quickly grabbed Maddox and it was as though Maddox recognized him. He was talking away to David. We could not believe they actually remember that voice that he heard for the first two weeks of his life??? It was so wonderful to go and visit...we are already planning our next visit back!

After the hospital, we met up with the family and had a fabulous dinner at the Chophouse! Yummy!!! Maddox was very fussy, but it didn't matter....we had our own private area which was so nice since we had 4 kiddos...We got to celebrate my wonderful Daddy and a terrific Popi!

Sunday was our wonderful drive back to VA!!! No fun, but the boys did great again! They both slept almost the entire way home...they get worn out while visiting. So it is back to the real world and on to our next big adventure!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

MDR...3 months old

Maddox turned 3 months on I said before I can't believe how fast it has gone by!

As or Maddox, he is a pretty "tough" baby. I am sure I was the same with Peyton, but it just seems that Maddox is a very fussy baby. He likes to be held and loved on all the time, which isn't a bad thing except for that fact that I have a hard time getting things done!!

He is doing great at night. Kevin has the nightly routine and he is taking about 6 ounces, a combo of breast milk and formula. He normally goes to bed between 8 and 9 and will sleep until 3 or 4. The other night he slept until 6 and I thought I was in heaven!!!! He wakes up and eats and will go back down...not very soundly, but will sleep until around 7:30 or 8!

Naps...totally different story! This child fights me ALL DAY LONG!!! I usually can get him to take a nap, you just never know where it will be....the swing, the couch, the carseat! Who this point, as long as he is sleeping I am happy!!!

He is wearing size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes. He has grown so much the past month! I can hardly believe how big he is. I will be anxious to see how much he weighs at our 4 month checkup!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

TIme is Flying...

In so many ways I feel like time is quickly passing us by since Maddox has been home. He will be 3 months old on Saturday and that simply blows my mind!! He is definitely a handful!

We have been so busy with the holidays, selling a business and spending time with family that there has been no time to sit down and update life! Christmas was amazing this year for Peyton. He loved every aspect of it. He was not 100% sure about Santa at first, but once Santa came to Nana's house on Christmas Eve, he knew exactly what to do! He was very apprehensive at first, but warmed up once his Pop Pop eased him into the whole situation! It was wonderful...and of course Maddox had so idea what was going on, so he just slept through the evening!! :) They both got wonderful Christmas gifts, of which Peyton's favorite thing was his Blue Jeep...and his scooter that he rides all day long in the house I will add! His Noni and Popi are getting him a basketball hoop...not sure who is more excited, Peyton or his Dad!!

As for school, Peyton continues to love it more every single day and I am beyond happy about that. I was remembering the days when I would come to my car and cry for 30 minutes because he was so upset! Now, he walks in and puts his things away and off he goes!!!

Maddox has become a great "cooer" over the past week or so! Just today, he made what we thought was a laugh. It is so hard to tell these things! He is definitely a smiler at this point...especially when he is naked!

Next weekend we are headed to NC to celebrate one of the best Dad's in the world!! I can't believe my daddy will be 60 on 1-11-12!!! Our first road trip back to NC since Maddox was born!!