Friday, June 27, 2008

How to light up my mommy and daddy's eyes

I have figured out how to light up my mommy and daddy's eyes. Parenthood is a very new experience for them and sometimes it is frustrating. They cannot always figure out what is bothering me. Sometimes i just like to cry. And then some days I like to smile...

Every morning, I am so happy. I sit in the bed with Mommy during the week and then Mommy and Daddy on the weekend and i just smile at them. I started smiling a couple weeks ago. I have also started to coo for them. You think my smile is should see theirs when i smile and coo at them.

My Cousin Cole

My Cousin Cole is so great. He shares Nana with me so well. Here we are sharing all of her love and kisses.

Sometimes he gets a little nervous because I have a blankie that looks just like his. He gets very concerned that I am going to take it home with me. One day he was over at my house and i had the blankie wrapped around me. He kept saying it was his blankie and Nana kept telling him that the blankie was mine and that his was at her house. He did not fully believe her and as soon as they got to the house, he had to find out if she was telling him the truth...she was and he was relieved. He is very nice to me and wants to share everything with me. I think it is a little too early to share his toe nail polish, but i am sure i will be into it soon enough. I look forward to many fun experiences with my cousin Cole.

Father's Day

Daddy was so excited to have his first father's day. He says he has been waiting for this for a long time. Daddy was very emotional this weekend. He was caught up in the coverage of the death of Tim Russert. Even though he did not ever watch "Meet the Press" and didn't know Tim Russert, he found himself enthralled in the story. That morning he watched a tribute and the story of a book that Tim Russert wrote for his son about his dad called "Big Russ and Me". The next thing i knew, i looked over at him and he was in tears...what a mess he is at times. I guess the story hit home with him as he realized that I would be looking up to him as the days, weeks and years pass by. He is going to be my "Big Russ". Daddy was so interested in the book that he ordered a copy for himself and for my Pop-Pop. He actually dragged Mommy and me out to Barnes and Noble to find the book, but they were sold out and so was every other bookstore in the area. He ended up buying it online. He has still not received it, but is excited to start reading it when it arrives. He has actually been thinking about writing his own book just for me...i guess he thinks he will do that in his spare time. After we ran around looking for the book, we went to Nana & Pop-Pop's for lunch. It was a great time and i got to see everyone. My Pop was not there as he just had knee replacement surgery a few days earlier so i missed him. Daddy said that his Father's Day was even better than he imagined...Happy Father's Day Daddy.

Botanical Gardens

My daddy used to read me stories about Gossie and Gertie when I was in my mommy's belly. Mommy says he wasn't really reading the book since it was in my future bedroom...he was actually making up stories. He does that. He sings songs to me that nobody has ever heard. He says he likes it because noone can sing along with him. Plus how many times can someone sing "Twinkle, Twinkle", "Rock-a-bye baby" and "Itsy-Bitsy Spider"? I hear from my buddy Cole that Gossie and Gertie live at the Botanical Gardens...they really do.

Their buddies were hanging out in the pond...look at the big turtle's back legs...he was sunning.

Mommy and Daddy took me there the day before Father's Day. Daddy has lived in this area all of his life and has never been to the Botanical Gardens. It was a first for the whole family. We loved it and purchased a two year membership so we can go back as much as we want. Mommy and Daddy say it is a great place to go to walk around when they get tired of walking around the neighborhood. I slept the entire 2 hours in the stroller while they walked around. It must have been 200 degrees out there so i am surprised Daddy made it that long. It has made Mommy and Daddy think about buying a fan for my stroller...anyone know of any that work well?

As you may or may not know, there are a couple of eagles that live in the gardens. They had a baby eagle, but there was a tumor on her beak so the vet had to take her out of nest and they are nursing her back to health. Here is the daddy eagle. He is bald like my daddy.

Soon i will be hanging out at the "water park" area called WOW with my cousin Cole. He just posted about his exciting day there. I can't wait to go back.

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