Monday, January 28, 2013

Somebody Please HELP!!!

To say that Peyton is going through a stage is an understatement!!!  4 years and 8 months old and he thinks he know everything!!!  I am beyond exhausted with this child.  He seems to be going through a very rebellious stage at this point and Kevin and I are trying to figure out why.

We are starting to implement a few techniques into our day and see if this will help at all!  We shall see!

As for Maddox, he is doing great.  Walking everywhere, trying to run and just being his sweet little soul!!  He is learning to talk a bit.  So far he can say momma and dada.  Those two he is fluent in:)  He does understand a lot.  IF you ask him to go get an object he will!  He loves to wave bye-bye and blow kisses to everyone.  He has decided that he doesn't like to eat anymore which is a ginormous change for him!  He used to eat he is soooo picky!

It snowed here on Friday and Peyton thought is was amazing!  Kevin and Peyton went out Friday night and went  snow surfing (we used a boogie board as our sled.)  It was very entertaining.  We took Maddox out on Saturday morning and he didn't mind it at all.  We bundled him up and he looked like an abominable cute!  He tried walking in the snow but it was quite difficult for him, so we toted the two of them around on the boogie board down to the beach!  I love the way the snow looks on the beach!

We have two birthdays coming up this week...Noni turns 60 on FRIDAY and Kevin turns 35 on Saturday!  Woohoo can't wait to celebrate!!

Monday, January 7, 2013


SO far behind as always!!

Just wanted to make note of a few things for my knowledge...
MDR got his fifth tooth on Friday December 28.  He had a horrible couple of days with an upset belly, which lasted about 7 days.  He was very crabby...maybe a touch of the stomach bug.  We took him to Dr. JOhn and the very next day he was back to normal!  LOVE THE CHIROPRACTOR!!!

Peyton had a blast at the great wolf lodge with his cousins!  He talks about it every single day!!  He loves his cousin and thinks he is a part of their family.  He actually spent most of Christmas Day with them at their house.

Speaking of Christmas, we had a great day.  Lots of toys, food and family!!  Unfortunately everyone (but our family) was sick starting Christmas night!!  Somehow we managed to escape it and I hope it continues that way!

My parents and Emily came to town to celebrate on Thursday December 27th but had a short trip once Emily started feeling bad!!  Short but sweet is what we will say.  The kiddos had a great time and Peyton was sad that they had to leave.

New Years Eve, very low key!  We went and had some Mexican and came home!  Party Animals here!!  I think we were in the bed and asleep by 9:30!  And I would not trade it for the world!