Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2 month appointement

I can hardly believe that Maddox is going to be 2 months old tomorrow. Where in the world has the time gone???

We had our 2 month appointment yesterday and all is going great. Maddox is weighing in at 8 lbs 0.5 oz. and 21.5 inches long. He is basically gaining 1 oz per day which is exactly what Dr Karp wants him to be doing...

MDR had his first round of shots yesterday and that was not a happy picture. The poor child screamed and turned bright red and then fell asleep for the rest of the afternoon. And what a rough night he had...swollen little leg and two doses of tylenol. Hoping tonight we are back on track!

As for everyone else, we are trying to get ready for Christmas. Peyton is soooo excited this year! I love how everyday we talk about Santa coming and he always asks how many more days...too cute!!!

As for pics of everyone...I have to have Kev's help for that...they are on our time capsule and I have no idea how to load them!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Riley family update...

Quick update on life around the Riley Household..

Peyton is doing amazing going to school these days. Once we came home from Disney World, we decided to change to going to two days a week. Obviously for the whole month of October he was not in school due to Maddox being in the NICU in North Carolina. We finally got back on track the first week of November and he has walked in almost every day without much drama. He simply gives maddox and I a kiss and off we go! It is amazing the difference!

As a big brother he is doing great! He loves his baby brother. He wants to hold him and kiss him all the time. One moment that was scary in the moment, but a bit comical now....I was in the shower, Peyton and Maddox were on our bed just hanging out. I poke my head around the corner and all I see is Peyton holding Maddox up by his ankles. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I asked what he was doing and he responded " I am dong the fireman carry with him." Oh my lord...this is what Kevin and Peyton do every night going to bed....Kevin throws Peyton over his shoulder and off they go. So, I quickly told him that daddy was the only one to do fireman carry in our house. Whew!!!

As for Maddox, he turned 6 weeks on Friday November 18. Crazy to think he should have been a week old, but instead is 6 weeks old. We had another weight check on Monday and our little chunker is weighing in at 7 lbs 2 oz and is 20 inches long. He is in the 25 percentile for weight and not sure about height. He seems to be doing great...Still pretty much following the same schedule as before.

He did smile at me for the very first time today...melt my heart!! I hope that he will give more of those this weekend for everyone at Thanksgiving.

We go back to the doctor in 2 weeks for our 2 month checkup...seriously 2 months!!!!

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MDR...1 month old

Maddox turned one month old on November 7! A whole month!!!

Today is my actual due date, so the fact that I am writing a post about my baby being 1 month old is crazy!

He weighs, as of Monday, 6 lbs 4.5 oz. and is 19 1/2 inches long. We have been going frequently for weight checks since being home, just so Dr. Karp can make sure he is gaining weight!

Seeing that Maddox was in the NICU for 2 weeks, he got on a pretty good schedule. He eats at 8, 11, 2, 5, 8, 2 and 5.

He is sleeping through his 11 pm feeding which is fine by me!

We have just started a nighttime routine with him with bath time at 7:30, eat at 8 and then a bottle following that. We try to put him down in his bassinet by 8:30 or 9!

His schedule as of now:
8 am feed
9 am back to sleep
11 am wake up to eat...try to keep him awake until next feeding
2 pm feed...try to put him down when Peyton is napping
5 pm feed...try to keep him awake until his next feeding
7:30 pm bath time
8 pm feed
8:30 supplemental bottle and then bedtime
2 am feed
5 am feed

His brother is smitten with him. Always wants to hold him and kiss him and help him in any way he can!

MDR is wearing preemie clothes, the newborn clothes swallow him. I would imagine he would be in newborn in the next two weeks or so.

We are in Newborn diapers and using lots and lots of those!!

So, for one month, we pretty much eat, sleep, and potty!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Maddox Dylan...Part 2

So we had decided that we better go to the hospital and just get checked out...after all, my nerves were shot and there was no way I was going to be able to rest with all that had happened. We decided to call our OB here and let them know what was going on. I eventually got to speak with the on call doctor, which happened to be the midwife of the practice. As I am telling her what has been going on, she proceeds to tell me that I am not in labor and I simply need to go home and take a warm bath and relax.

Kev and I are in limbo...not knowing what to do, we decide to take her advice head to my parents house and try a warm bath and a heating pad. This is at 8:45pm...we get to my parents house and on the way there had decided if I were still "cramping" at 10 pm then we would head to the hospital. We got there and managed to beat my parents and Peyton back to the house. They walked in and I was laying on the couch doubled over in pain with a heating pad that was not helping whatsoever!!! I decided I needed to use the bathroom again and when I did I knew!!

My water had broken and the smell reminded me of a hospital! I knew something was not right!!! I came out and off we went...it was 9:30 at this point. My parents live about 20-30 minutes from the hospital, so we were a wee bit nervous. I grabbed my heating pad and fortunately we had not unpacked our car yet, so I had my pregnancy pillow in the front seat with me. As we are driving, the contractions are coming harder and closer together, I am holding on to Kev's arm for dear life and then the unthinkable happens...we are getting ready to get on the highway, Kev is doing all he can to get us to the hospital and may or may not have run an orange light...

The cop, yes the cop, pulls us over and asks us why we are in such a hurry and Kev's response is...Can't you see the pain that my wife is in? His response was do you realize you could have killed someone??...seriously...no one around us for a mile!!! He then tells us to be safe and good luck, but offers no type of escort to the hospital. Seriously....

We make it to Forsyth Medical at probably 10:15 ish and Kev then drops me off at the ER where I am wheeled into the waiting room and I am being asked 100 different questions, which I cannot answer because I am in so much pain. Kev finally gets back inside to me after parking the car and we then get put up in Labor and Delivery for them to check me. I am laying on the bed in excruciating pain and wondering what in the world is happening. With Peyton, I never experienced "real labor." With him it was pitocin induced and that I can't remember 100%.

A nurse comes in to check me and at this point I am asking for pain meds. She checks me and says you are 6 centimeters dilated. WHAT????? I am sure Kev and I turned white as ghosts. We were in NC, nowhere near our OB and 5 weeks before my due date...

Kev then starts to call everyone and get my parents to the hospital. They put us in a room and started to get me prepped for delivery! I am begging for medicine at this time and the finally come back to check me, reassuring me that the anesthesiologist will be there as soon as he can. I was at an 8 at this point and there has been no sign of my parents anywhere. Kev calls them and they are in the waiting room, so we quickly get my mom back and it felt as though it was 5 minutes later I was ready to push.

At this point I am telling whoever is listening that I am ready to push and sure enough, I was! I pushed a total of 3 times and at 11:53 pm Maddox Dylan came into the world. He weighed in at 5 lbs 7.5oz and was 18 1/2 inches long! Kev actually watched this little guy come into the world. He said he saw his head and started to get worried due to the size of it...he was crowing and finally his whole head came through. Granted he still had a small head seeing that he was 5 weeks early!

They wrapped him up in what seemed like 10 blankets and handed him to me. My first thought was that he looked just like Peyton! I couldn't believe it....he was here and seemed fine in the beginning. He had a slight grunting noise as the doctors and nurses called it, but nothing that seemed alarming to anyone, as best we could tell. The doctor just said they would keep an eye on him and if anything was bothersome then they would take him to observe him in the NICU.

I got to hold him, Kev held him and my mom held him. My dad and Peyton came into the room and got to see him, but at this point is was after midnight so everyone was EXHAUSTED from our crazy night!

We all stayed in the delivery room for a few minutes and then the nurse decided she would call the NICU nurses so they could observe him. He was still grunting and they just wanted to be sure that he was perfectly fine!

At this point, my parents take Peyton home with them and Kev and I are waiting to be moved to our room. We are taken by the NICU on the way to our room and I must admit, I have very foggy memories of that night in there. All I remember is talking to the nurse who wheeled me down and waiting for Kev who had to go park the car and bring our bags and pillows up.

Little did we know that our roller coaster ride was only beginning!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Maddox Dylan...the birth story...Part 1

On Friday October 7 2011, I had my routine checkup with my OB in Va Beach...I was 35 weeks and 2 days...right on track! Peyton and I headed to the doctor and we were in a rush, because that afternoon we were headed to NC to visit my parents and go to the Dixie Classic Fair which I haven't missed in 32 years!!!

My appointment was at 9 in the morning and we were there right on time. I went in and saw Dr. Fontaneres and was informed that she would be "checking" me today. Ok...whatever! So, we are doing our routine check and everything is nice and closed!!! Her only concern was that I was measuring small. Through each of my pregnancies I have measured on the smaller side. Nothing completely abnormal, just about 1-2 weeks smaller. She sent me to the other office to have an ultrasound done, just to make sure that the little guy was good. Peyton and I rush to the other office and arrive just in time to have the ultrasound done!

I go into the room and lay down on the table and proceed with getting another sneak peak of this sweet baby boy...who I was ready to meet in another 5 weeks! She did all of her measurements and told me that he was measuring right on time and so I asked her what her guesstimate of weight was at the time and she guesstimated 5 lbs 8 oz!

Ok...no big deal...Peyton and I rush back to the house to get everything packed and loaded and off we went to pick up Daddy at 3pm from work. Peyton fell asleep in the car as soon as we got on the highway. We were very relieved that he was snoozing, so we were hoping we were going to make record time! We ended up getting stuck in traffic before we were even out of town...but we got through it and kept on moving. We had been driving about 2 hours and I remember telling Kev that I really needed to get something to drink...I had tried to limit my water intake that day because I knew we were going for a long drive. About 5ish I had pulled out a snack that I had packed and began munching away. The next thing I know, I felt as if the baby did a jumping jack in my belly! A major jolt ran through my entire body...nothing I had EVER experienced before. I then felt a small "leak" and thought to myself he hit my bladder...great!!

We decided to stop at Smithfields BBQ....one of our favorite places...to grab a drink and get Peyton a snack...he was awake and it was about 5:30 by this point. I got out of the car and felt another dribble of fluid...I started to walk and felt like I was peeing on myself. I took Peyton with me to the bathroom and I began to get a little worried, but never imagined that my water had actually broken...I walked out of the bathroom and Kev immediately saw concern on my face, but again I had just been to the doctor and there was nothing going on.

We got our drinks and got back on the road. We started to joke about it at this point and how we could either go to Chapel Hill or Duke and have the baby! We obviously would have chosen Chapel Hill for those who wanted the answer to that question. So...we were making great time getting to my parents house and decided that we were going to have enough time to meet them for dinner.

We ended up meeting them at Brixx Pizza and we pulled in at 8:04pm...

They got there and I began to tell them what had happened. I went to the bathroom when we got there and noticed a bit of blood...my anxiety went through the roof at this point. The weird thing is I was having no contractions....NOTHING!!! We sat down and I ordered water and began to chug as much water as I possibly could. I was in tears and I am sure the waitress was wondering what was happening. We ordered our food and everyone began to eat, except me...something was WRONG!!! I had no appetite and I was staring to cramp...I just told myself that I just hadn't had enough water and I needed to go lay down. Kev pulled his phone out and we began to time the contractions...every 1 1/2 to 2 minutes apart. Seriously....what in the world is going on?? Peyton became very concerned and was rubbing my arm...my sweet baby boy!!!

I am sitting in the booth not knowing what to do...we decided to go to the hospital and get checked out....

More to come later!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Unexpected Delivery!!

On October 7 2011, we had an unexpected delivery...

Maddox Dylan Riley was born at 11:53 pm weighing in at 5 lbs 7 oz and 18.9 inches long.

Not only was I 35 weeks and 2 days pregnant, we were headed to NC to go to the fair and enjoy one last weekend away!

What an interesting birth story this little guy has! More to come....

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Disney Day 1

We had a great time in Disney World...what a memorable vacation we had!! Peyton was simply overwhelmed by all there was to see and the characters. We started our first day off with a breakfast at Ohana with Lilo, Stitch, Mickey and Pluto!

It was great...until we turned the camera on and Kev says "the battery is dead!!" Great!!! So the first day we didn't take too many pics!! But here is what we got from breakfast!! The best part of the day...

Peyton's reaction when he first saw the characters...

Lilo and Mickey as they were parading around the room. They are trained very well as to when they see a small child who is apprehensive!!

Eating some yummy eggs, bacon, potatoes, and of course Mickey shaped waffles....

After breakfast we headed downstairs where we found this really cool surfboard and were able to snap a few pics with it...We were trying to get Peyton to "hang 10"...no such luck! But still cute!

And then Kev wanting the pregnant lady in there too!!

After breakfast, we headed to hop on the monorail for the first of many times and hit the Magic Kingdom! We spent all morning and most of the afternoon enjoying the all the scenery and Peyton rode a couple of rides...the carousel, the magic carpets, Its a Small World and a few others! It was so hot our entire trip, so we headed back to the hotel and cooled off and rested! Then it was off to dinner at the Copper Canyon Grill. We stayed in the restaurant for quite a while due to a lovely thunderstorm that blew up! The joys of Florida when it is 95!!!

We had a great first day in Disney!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

It has been a while...

Wow...there is a lot to talk about...first and foremost, we just had our week in Disney World and it was so much fun!!! We are now just trying to recuperate from that!!! Peyton had a blast and we have tons of pics...just not downloaded yet!

I will be 35 weeks pregnant on Wednesday....yes...35 weeks. We have less than 6 weeks to go and I am completely freaking out!!! Where or where has it gone???

Our 8 year anniversary is Tuesday (tomorrow October 4)...wow...8 years!!!

We are headed to NC this weekend for the fair! I know I am crazy, but I have never in my 32 years missed one and I don't plan on missing it this year no matter how tired we are!! :)

I promise pics will come soon of Disney and the Belly!!!

Happy October!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What a busy week we have had...we are headed to Disney World next week and it seems as though we have something going on every night up until the day we leave!! We are beyond excited, but man what a process getting ready!! I will be 33 weeks preggo when we leave and 34+ coming back! Peyton is so excited...I can only imagine his face when we get there!!! AHHHH!!! So excited!!

As for the ever growing belly, it has been a while since I updated with pics, so here it is at 30 weeks...

31 weeks....

32 weeks...
I think I am going to invest in some kind of belly support before our trip...I am hoping that will help with all the walking we will do! One more checkup and we will be on our way to the Happiest Place on Earth!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Peyton's School....

Well, I have not yet loaded belly pics from last week, so I may wait and do it Wednesday or Thursday!!! I will be 32 weeks....WOWZERS!!!

As or Peyton, today is our official first Monday! He started school on August 24 and our first two Mondays were off...one due to the hurricane and the other due to labor day! So this is our first official week!

These are seriously some of the hardest days, emotionally that I can remember! Each day I take this sweet little boy into school and watch as he "tries" to spread his wings! He is having a hard time with it and I would only hope it would get easier for both of us.

Today he went in like a big boy, put his folder away, snack in its cubbie and his tote bag where it belongs. He then went and got in line to wash his hands and waited his turn. After that I told him I was leaving and would be back to pick him up in a little while. He gave me a hug and a kiss and I walked out the door. I looked back and we waved bye to one another and off he went!

I go back to get him and I am completely expecting a great report seeing that our morning had gone so well...so imagine the shock I was in when the teacher told me he cried off and on for the first 45 minutes!!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!

I am so beyond upset...we have talked about taking him to two days or taking him out completely...in some ways I feel as though he loves school and other ways I am not sure he is ready! What is a pregnant (very emotional) mommy to do????

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of Pre K 3...

Finally our first day of Pre K 3...we have been talking about school for almost a year now...trying to tell him all about it and somehow it has come and gone...thankfully for me!!

Our first day was last Wednesday August 24! We have hyped it up about playing with playdoh, coloring, the playground, etc. I think it helped because he walked into his room with myself, Kevin and his Aunt Meggie and cousin Bailey watching from the hallway. I kept telling myself to be strong for him, but he had such a brave little face on and it simply broke my heart! Where had my baby boy gone?????

He went in and washed his hands as they begin each day with that and went to a table where he sat and did a Bob the Builder puzzle! Kevin and I told him that we were going to leave and he said "OK, love you" and gave us each a hug and a kiss...I could hardly believe it...I on the other hand had to put my sunglasses on because tears were streaming down my face, like they are as I type this....remembering his sweet, brave little self sitting there like such a big boy!!

His teacher said he had a great first day and he never shed one tear!!!!

Here are a few photos of my little guy before we left...He had to bring one of his little buddies along with him for the pictures...

So...after getting through our first day, school was canceled Friday and Monday due to Hurricane Irene....SO...today was like the first day all over again! He actually was upset today when I left, but Mrs. Edwards took him right up and calmed him down! I am hoping Friday goes smoothly for both of us....

Thursday, August 25, 2011

29 weeks...

Last week in the 20's....wow...we went for a checkup on Tuesday and Peyton went with me! He got to be a helper and squeeze the "jelly" on my stomach! He thought that was pretty neat! The doctor says all is well...can't believe we are on the homestretch. Going to the doctor every 2 weeks makes it all fly by....not to mention all that is going on in life in general! Pre K 3, Hurricane Irene, the earthquake, hoping big changes with the business...AHHHH!!!

Peyton's first day of school coming soon....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What is Going on????

Wow...what a day we had today! Peyton and I have simply been enjoying our day together! It has been busy, but that is our life it seems!

So today is the day before Peyton starts PreK3 and I have been a bit out of sorts about it...We went to meet his teacher yesterday and he played in the room for about 20 minutes. He seemed to be pretty comfortable in there...we will see tomorrow!

Back to today...our day was very low key and our normal routine. We were getting ready to head out to a doctors appointment at 1:45 and I began to hear vases rattle....which I equated to Peyton jumping around....yet he was not jumping around....I began to get nervous so I stood up and my legs began to shake...."WHAT IS HAPPENING???" I grabbed Peyton and ran outside because I had no clue if our house was about to fall apart...Then I began to think I was dreaming because the outside world seemed calm.

We came back inside few seconds later and finally got in touch with Kevin who proceeded to tell me we had just had a tremor from and earthquake....????

I was a bit shaken as was Peyton...living on the East Coast you do not expect that...we are preparing for Hurricane Irene...not a darn earthquake!

Whew...glad it only lasted a few seconds!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

27 & 28 weeks....

Here we are at 28 weeks and I feel like I just said wow...27 weeks! Another week has come and gone and this little guy is very active in his mommy's tummy!!
We went for a checkup last week and everything was great. I even got to drink that yummy orange drink for the glucose test...which I am assuming is fine since we have heard nothing from the doctor~no news is good news right???

Nothing much going on around here..just waiting for Noni and Popi to come in on Friday since Kev is going sailing for the weekend! Hopefully we will have a nice relaxing weekend...but we will miss Kev for sure. And now for the picture of the belly...

Here we are at 27 weeks...

Another 27 week.....

And here we are this week at 28 weeks...

28 weeks again...

I know I say it every week, but in 2 weeks we will be at 30 weeks!!!!! OMG!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


My emotions seem to be getting the best of me lately! It seems that every small thing, be it a positive situation or on the flip side is bringing me to tears.

In less than 2 weeks I will be dropping my baby boy off for his first day of school. That is something that is blowing me away. Where have these 3 years gone? Why do some days fell like they last an eternity, but you turn around and we are going to school???

I know that it will be great for him but my heart is going to ache on that Wednesday morning when I take him into his school and leave him! I just want to bottle him up and keep our little family just as it! It all seems so perfect right now and to think he is growing so fast scares me!!!

Hopefully after our first week or so I will adjust! I will keep you posted...until then I am enjoying every second of summer that we have left!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

25 &26 weeks...

Here we are at 25 weeks....I can seriously not believe how fast this pregnancy is going by!!! I feel like we take a picture one Wednesday night and then before we turn around it is picture night again!!!

26 weeks...

Peyton has failed to appear in the latest pictures because he has been snoozing!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011


What a relaxing weekend we had...for the most part that is!

Friday after Kev got off work we did headed straight for the pool! This is Peyton's new favorite thing to do. He asks me every single day if we can go to the pool "for one minute." The he continues to tell me that it is "easy!" I love him!!! Too cute!

Saturday we woke up and at the pool again by 10! I think this child could swim for ever!!!! He loves it. We left grabbed some lunch and headed back home of nap...which is taking place in a big boy bed!! More on that later! Saturday afternoon P went for a golf cart ride with 3 of his favorite people...Colie, Nana and PopPop! First to the marina for ice cream, then to Mimi's for a visit and then to Nana and PopPops just because. Back to the pool after that excitement!

Sunday we tried to head to Busch Gardens but we got rained out on our way up. So we had a brilliant idea to go see Cars 2 since we are always talking about it when it comes on TV! Not the greatest idea we have ever had. We got out tickets, played at the "mountain" (What Peyton calls the Mall) and then headed into to see the movie. We go get our drinks and popcorn and start walking towards the theater and Peyton proceeds to cover his ears and tell us he doesn't want to go. We make it into the theater and he continues on about how loud it is and how he wants to leave....He eventually nuzzles down into Kevin's chest and falls ASLEEP before the movie even starts!!! So what are we to do...you guessed it, Kevin and I watched a majority of Cars 2 while P slept! He woke up with about 20 minutes left and starts pitching a fit...we got up and left!!!

What an adventure we had!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Slow Down....

I totally cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is going!! I am 25 weeks today! That is so hard to believe. I feel like we were just moving into our house and talking about transferring! We are now at the end of July and down to 15 weeks or less until Baby Boy #2 arrives...

These pictures are from 24 weeks...Kev's wonderful photography skills at work!! And of course the big brother kissing his baby!

I am hoping that Peyton will still enjoy his brother once he is here as much as he does when he is in my belly. He wants to blow on my belly all the time...I guess that is his way of communicating with him! HAHA!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Not much going on...

SO not too much going on around here...

We headed to NC this past weekend to visit Noni and Popi!!! It always flys by every time we are there! We didn't do too much just hung around the house, ate and Peyton played a lot of pool! He had so much fun playing with his Popi and Daddy on the pool table! He kept asking his Popi if he could bring the pool table home with him!

The weekend before we tried to have our first sleep out on Pop Pop's sailboat!!! It was a big No GO!!! Peyton and I drove 1.5 hours to meet Daddy, Uncle Hutch, Pop Pop and the other crew to Deltaville with all intentions of sleeping on the boat...when it was time for bed at 9:30...Peyton wanted nothing to do with sleeping there! So we hopped back in the car and headed home...we will try that again one day...just not sure when!

As far as baby boy is concerned I will be 24 weeks on Wednesday! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going...these pictures are from Week 22...

Week 23 and 24 will hopefully be up soon...we have a very busy week around here so I will do my best~~~

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Learning to Ride a Bike!!!

Peyton has amazed us at how quickly he learned to ride his bike! A couple of weeks ago, Kevin or I would have to walk beside him and basically push him along the way...

All of a sudden two weeks ago...we go for a bike ride and we can't keep up!

Working hard...

Taking a nice long ride through the neighborhood....

I love this picture...Simple cannot believe how big my baby has become!!!

Now, all he wants to do is go for a bike ride...no matter if it is 105 degrees outside!!
Also, he has become obsessed with wanting to go to the pool!! His favorite people in the whole world...Meggie, Hutch, Tolie and Bailey took him and now every afternoon..."Mommy after nap can we go to the pool with Daddy!!!" He loves it!!! Now for swimming lessons!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ultrasound Pics...

Sorry it has taken so long to get these up....

Our sweet little boy...looks like he is blowing bubbles!!

I think this is a between the legs shot....

Another laying on his back....just relaxing...

And of course....the PROUD BIG Brother!

Such a little cheese ball!!! His Nana was trying to get him to smile...and this is what we got!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Results are in....

Peyton is going to have a baby Brother!!!

Bless his heart...we were in the ultrasound on Friday and the lady told us it was a boy and we were telling Peyton about his baby brother. The first thing he says to us is "I want a girl!"

It was so cute! We have been talking about it all weekend...hopefully he will understand by November!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Less than 48 hours...

In less than 48 hours we will hopefully know if we will be having a little girl or boy!!! I can hardly believe it! This pregnancy is going by soooo fast!!! I can't even believe that I am 19 weeks today...

Everyone asks me what my gut instinct is Boy vs Girl and honestly I have no idea!!! The only difference that I can think of is that I was nauseous from day 1 up until about 13 weeks...never with Peyton...

I have had numerous ultrasounds done, a perk of IVF, and one ultrasound there was a guess for a girl the other a boy....Sooooo....I am in complete limbo!!!

On Friday...as long as this little one will cooperate, we will hopefully have an answer!!!!!

~~Kevin here...i am busting into this post to say how amazing Amy is. Her strength is evident in so many areas and i frankly don't take the time to tell her how amazing she is so hopefully she will go back to the blog and read this. I couldn't have made it through one week of those shots and all of those medications that she had to endure with IVF. She kept a smile on her face and stayed strong...all the while serving as an amazing stay at home mom to Peyton. And tomorrow at this time, we will find out whether we will be adding a son or daughter to our family and I am so excited. I often try to imagine myself with another little boy or a little girl and I will honestly be happy either way. Peyton has brought us so much joy and watching him become a big brother will be so wonderful. He does tell us that he would like a baby sister so we will see!!! There are still many months of "growing" left to do (and let me say that Amy looks AMAZING) and i don't want to downplay what she still has to endure, but i wanted to tell everyone how Blessed i am to have Amy as a wife and how Blessed Peyton and Baby Boy/Girl are to have such a wonderful mommy.~~

Monday, June 6, 2011

Coming November 2011....

Guess who is going to be a big brother?????

You guessed it...Peyton and he is so excited!!!

16 weeks....

17 weeks....

more coming soon!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

3 year Check-Up

We went for our 3 year check up today...it was drama from the moment we walked in the door.

The first thing Peyton said was"Mommy, I don't want a shot!" Not sure how in the world their little minds can remember all of these things.

We did height, weight and blood pressure today! I was shocked that they start checking that at 3 years old. So he was 38 inches tall....weighed 31 pounds...he is average for weight and not sure about height.

Dr. Karp came in and it took 2 of us to hold him down so she could look in his ears, eyes and mouth. He wanted nothing to do with any of it.

Then the dreaded part...Dr. Karp wanted to test his hemoglobin today because he is always saying how tired he is....she is so thorough so...no real need for concern.

He cried when they pricked his little finger and then it was shot time...no FUN!!! The nurse was quick...but he still didn't like it! He cried for a minute then would remember every couple of minutes on the ride home.

Thankfully we are home and snoozing away! Good check up and we don't have to do it again until next year..Whew...

Friday, May 27, 2011

sweet boy...

Our computer has the hardest time loading pics...finding them...etc...hoping one day to get back to some pics on here!!!

Lately Peyton has become a lot more vocal about certain things....

He has always told everyone that he loves them, but now we will be laying in bed at night or in the morning and he will look at you and say "I love you so much!" It melts my heart!

He also has been telling my or Kev (depending on the day) "You are my best friend"

If he knows he is getting into trouble, he immediately says "I am sorry Mommy" So sweet...then I have a hard time following through.

Monday, May 16, 2011

3 years old

Peyton turned 3 years old....wow...where did that time go? We had a great weekend celebrating with family and friends. (Pics to come soon)

All the fun began on Friday night when Noni, Popi and Emily (and we can't forget Chole, the dog) arrived! Peyton had been talking about seeing them all day long. He was so excited when they got here...he opened the door and then ran the other way. He is going through a very shy, clinging to mom phase right now. So they arrived and he quickly warmed up to them and played hard for the next 3 days. He was so happy to finally get to see his "Toodles" birthday cake. He has been talking about doing a mickey mouse/toodles birthday party for months. Finally he saw it and all he could say was "Oh My Goodness." Seriously too cute!

We then headed to pick up Mimi and she got to go to dinner with us. We headed to our all time favorite No Frill Grill where we enjoyed a great dinner.

Saturday was party day and our meteorologist had been predicting rain all weekend...we had a bounce house scheduled to be at the party but the weatherman was pretty adamant about it being a washout of a day so we can canceled it!

We should have listened to our instincts and kept it....it was a BEAUTIFUL day. The kids never missed it...they had the playground, balls, basketball hoop and a huge park to run in. It was a great day for a party...Kev was the grillmaster and cooked hot dogs for everyone. We had chips and the most delicious Mickey Mouse Cake!!

Then Peyton got a big surprise from his Nana....the ice cream man made a special appearance at the party...just for his big day. He was in heaven...I think he had 4 different ice creams....Thanks NANA!!!

After the party it was off to take a nap...we all came home and rested before dinner. We had a great night!

Sunday was Peyton's actual birthday so we woke up and the first thing he said to Kev and I was "That Toodles cake was really good!" The boy could not get it off his mind! We headed to breakfast at the oceanfront, then we headed down so they could play at the playground that is out on the beach. We walked down and Emily played in the water and P was just running around like a crazy man. He loved it all! After that we headed to Toys R Us where Noni and Popi let him pick out a few Lego kits....he all of a sudden was obsessed with Tow Mater and Cars 2. Who knew??!?!

We loaded back into the car and headed to FYB so we could check in with everyone and get some fro-yo! The kiddos were exhausted after our long day...we had a restful afternoon and a nice dinner followed by the opening of presents. Peyton did a great job opening his gifts this year. He would actually look to see what it was before moving on. He loved all of his gifts and wanted to take them all out at one time.

Noni, Popi and Emily (and Chole) headed back to NC on Monday morning....but not before a quick trip to the water to play for a few minutes. It was such a nice weekend. Thank you to all our family and friends who helped us celebrate such a precious little boy!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Peyton....Mommy and Daddy love you so much!!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Crazy Times...

It has been a crazy few weeks....Last week was pretty tough for the family...Kevin's dear, sweet Pop passed away on May 5 at 2 am. It was extremely quick and it seemed as though we never had time to even understand what was happening. We are having the service tomorrow and all of the grand kids are going to be speaking. Kevin is very good with words, but is very nervous to speak in front of a crowd! We will see how it goes....Please keep everyone in your thoughts...especially Mimi!!!

On a much different note, we are planning a 3rd birthday party for someone very special!!! Can't believe our little Peyton is going to be 3 on Sunday! Crazy how fast the time has gone by. He has become very independent over the past couple of weeks and my oh my how he changes his mind 100 times a day. But, he is such a sweet little boy....We will post this weekend about his party! Hoping the rain holds off!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

What a great Easter we had this year! We couldn't have asked for better weather!

We decided this year to let Peyton have a shot with dyeing easter eggs!!! He liked it for all of 5 minutes by then was quickly on to other things!!!

This was Easter morning...a shot or two from our front porch...we were running out the door trying to make it to the early service at church! Our wonderful neighbor offered to come snap a group shot!!
Peyton started the morning in the cutest Easter outfit....blue seersucker pants and a matching shirt and sweater! Having a almost 3 year old though...we were fortunate to make it to church...but at breakfast...things changed and so did we when we got home!!

Peyton and mommy!

We went to Nana and Pop Pop's for a fabulous Easter Lunch! So much yummy food!!! And a great Easter Egg hunt!

Here is P with his bucket making it down the stairs....ready to find some eggs!

On a mission to find one!! He would go find one and think he was done!

We even headed to the beach after the festivities and played in the Bay!! It was an incredible day!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Baby Madison...

I totally realized I have never even posted about the newest addition to our family! I became an auntie again on Feb 28!!! We went to visit when she was about 3 weeks old!!! Peyton loved her!

Sweet Baby Girl!!

Peyton loving on her...it was the cutest thing!

Holding her!

He wanted to feed her and burp her the whole time! He could not get enough of her!

Kevin and I could not believe how well he did with her! Everyone is doing well and we can't wait to get back to NC to get our hands back on Madison! I am sure she will be much bigger by then!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Playiing with Dad...

We went to the park a couple weeks ago when we went to Noni and Popi's house....it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed every minute of it!!!

Swinging on the swings...

Trying out the monkey bars...

Jumping to daddy off the wall....

Riding with daddy in the car...this picture makes me laugh!

And riding on the dinosaur....singing a song!!!