Thursday, March 21, 2013

Monthly update!!

So we have been on our trip to the bahamas and it was amazing to say the least!  We did nothing but relax which was so nice!  Literally we were in the bed by 8 and some night Maddox was in the bed at 6:30!  The kids had a blast together and the views were amazing...

We are now counting down the days until we head off to New Orleans!  So excited to go and see the city!  4 weeks in counting!!

Peyton is doing great at school!  Loving every minute of it and just today asking me about Kindergarten.  I think he is going to love it once we all adjust.  He loves his brother more every day and  they play so well together.  i love watching their brotherly bond develop right before my eyes every day!

Maddox is growing up way too fast.  His hair is so long now.  I think it is time for another trim!  He has cut two more teeth just this week.  His other eye tooth and a molar on the left side.  I can't even believe he will be 18 months old. Where did that little 5 pound baby go???

Hoping to post a few pics soon....