Tuesday, April 17, 2012

6 month checkup

We had our month checkup yesterday with Dr Karp and things went great!

Maddox is weighing in at 13lbs 4 oz (3rd %) and is 25 inches long (9th %)...he has come a long way since we left the hospital back in October!

We also started rice cereal last night and that went very well. He was "helping" Kevin shovel it in faster! I hope he is a good eater...we will start sweet potatoes on Thursday night! If he is anything like his momma then he will love that!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

6 months old

How in the world did that happen...MDR is 6 months old~~~

He is starting to show his personality for sure. He is such a sweet baby most of the time, unless he is hungry or tired.

He is wearing size 2 diapers

He is wearing 3-6 month clothes

Over Easter weekend, he had a tiny bite of sweet potatoes and at his cousine Cole's birthday party he had a bite of frozen yogurt. This child will try to put anything and everything that we are eating or drinking in his mouth!! He goes for his 6 month check up on Monday so I am sure we will get the green light to start food!!!

He is smitten with his brother...his eyes light up as soon as he sees him!

He definitely loves his mommy...if I am in the room he has his eyes on me...even more so if he is tired or hungry!

He is rolling over pretty regularly now...and trying to sit up without tumbling over.

His schedule remains about the same. Nurses every three hours during the day...cat naps in the morning and usually a decent afternoon nap! Bedtime is 8 and he knows that!!!

He gets two formula bottles a day, one before nap and a larger one before bed.

For the most part he will sleep from 8 until 2 or 230. Nurses and will go back to sleep until around 6 and sometimes will go until 7 or 730!!!

What a joy this little guy is...it is hard to remember life without him!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We have movement!!!

Last weekend we were hanging around and noticed Maddox was "trying" to roll over. It seems like he has been trying for quite a while, with no success. The pediatrician has told me several times that he may not hit his milestones as quickly as Peyton or other babies!

So, we have just been waiting around waiting for him to do his thing....I mean we have thought for almost 2 months that child is getting a tooth...and guess what...still no tooth.

Finally last night, April 2, Kevin and Peyton had him in the playroom while I was getting dinner ready and all of a sudden I hear...He did it!! And neither one of us saw him. Kevin was on the computer and I was in the other room! SO then all night we were trying to get him to do and he did one more time with Kevin, but I still haven't seen him.

Hard to believe my little baby is going to 6 months old on Saturday!!!