Friday, May 27, 2011

sweet boy...

Our computer has the hardest time loading pics...finding them...etc...hoping one day to get back to some pics on here!!!

Lately Peyton has become a lot more vocal about certain things....

He has always told everyone that he loves them, but now we will be laying in bed at night or in the morning and he will look at you and say "I love you so much!" It melts my heart!

He also has been telling my or Kev (depending on the day) "You are my best friend"

If he knows he is getting into trouble, he immediately says "I am sorry Mommy" So sweet...then I have a hard time following through.

Monday, May 16, 2011

3 years old

Peyton turned 3 years did that time go? We had a great weekend celebrating with family and friends. (Pics to come soon)

All the fun began on Friday night when Noni, Popi and Emily (and we can't forget Chole, the dog) arrived! Peyton had been talking about seeing them all day long. He was so excited when they got here...he opened the door and then ran the other way. He is going through a very shy, clinging to mom phase right now. So they arrived and he quickly warmed up to them and played hard for the next 3 days. He was so happy to finally get to see his "Toodles" birthday cake. He has been talking about doing a mickey mouse/toodles birthday party for months. Finally he saw it and all he could say was "Oh My Goodness." Seriously too cute!

We then headed to pick up Mimi and she got to go to dinner with us. We headed to our all time favorite No Frill Grill where we enjoyed a great dinner.

Saturday was party day and our meteorologist had been predicting rain all weekend...we had a bounce house scheduled to be at the party but the weatherman was pretty adamant about it being a washout of a day so we can canceled it!

We should have listened to our instincts and kept was a BEAUTIFUL day. The kids never missed it...they had the playground, balls, basketball hoop and a huge park to run in. It was a great day for a party...Kev was the grillmaster and cooked hot dogs for everyone. We had chips and the most delicious Mickey Mouse Cake!!

Then Peyton got a big surprise from his Nana....the ice cream man made a special appearance at the party...just for his big day. He was in heaven...I think he had 4 different ice creams....Thanks NANA!!!

After the party it was off to take a nap...we all came home and rested before dinner. We had a great night!

Sunday was Peyton's actual birthday so we woke up and the first thing he said to Kev and I was "That Toodles cake was really good!" The boy could not get it off his mind! We headed to breakfast at the oceanfront, then we headed down so they could play at the playground that is out on the beach. We walked down and Emily played in the water and P was just running around like a crazy man. He loved it all! After that we headed to Toys R Us where Noni and Popi let him pick out a few Lego kits....he all of a sudden was obsessed with Tow Mater and Cars 2. Who knew??!?!

We loaded back into the car and headed to FYB so we could check in with everyone and get some fro-yo! The kiddos were exhausted after our long day...we had a restful afternoon and a nice dinner followed by the opening of presents. Peyton did a great job opening his gifts this year. He would actually look to see what it was before moving on. He loved all of his gifts and wanted to take them all out at one time.

Noni, Popi and Emily (and Chole) headed back to NC on Monday morning....but not before a quick trip to the water to play for a few minutes. It was such a nice weekend. Thank you to all our family and friends who helped us celebrate such a precious little boy!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Peyton....Mommy and Daddy love you so much!!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Crazy Times...

It has been a crazy few weeks....Last week was pretty tough for the family...Kevin's dear, sweet Pop passed away on May 5 at 2 am. It was extremely quick and it seemed as though we never had time to even understand what was happening. We are having the service tomorrow and all of the grand kids are going to be speaking. Kevin is very good with words, but is very nervous to speak in front of a crowd! We will see how it goes....Please keep everyone in your thoughts...especially Mimi!!!

On a much different note, we are planning a 3rd birthday party for someone very special!!! Can't believe our little Peyton is going to be 3 on Sunday! Crazy how fast the time has gone by. He has become very independent over the past couple of weeks and my oh my how he changes his mind 100 times a day. But, he is such a sweet little boy....We will post this weekend about his party! Hoping the rain holds off!!!