Thursday, July 31, 2008

Picture People

A couple weeks ago, mommy and daddy decided they were going to take me to Lynnhaven Mall to get my pictures taken at the Picture People. They got me dressed and we were on our way. I fell asleep on the way...mommy and daddy thought that was great news as i would be happy. They got to the mall and went straight to the Picture People. Every time we walked by the Picture People in our previous visits to the mall there was nobody there. They assumed it would be the same this Sunday afternoon...wrong they were. The next appointment was in over an hour so mommy and daddy took me upstairs so they could grab a bite to eat. We walked around for a while and i continued sleeping. We got to the Picture People about 20 minutes before our appointment hoping that they would be able to fit us in. Mommy and Daddy changed my diaper and got me ready for the big event. I was all smiles. When I am happy, which is most times, i am all smiles. You should have seen the smiles on Mommy and Daddy's faces as they could just imagine these great pictures with me smiling. At 2 months old, they never imagined this would be possible. We waited around and waited around and waited around. Mommy and Daddy were growing impatient because they knew they had a small window to get these pictures taken. Finally, about 10 minutes after our appointment, the photographer called our name and took us back to the room to start the pictures. I knew what was going on so i turned my smile upside down and started crying. Here it goes, mommy and daddy thought. Daddy quickly grabbed a squeaky toy and was acting like a madman trying to get me to stop crying and start smiling. Here are the pictures that resulted.

Out to DInner

Good morning to all...I just wanted to let everyone know that I went on another successful date with my buddy Gracie! Mommy and Daddy got me all dolled up for an evening out and I just could not understand why they were so excited. They told me that we were meeting our buddies Tiffany, Matt and Grace for dinner last night! So, off we went. I decided that I was going to cry the whole way to dinner. I got to see my buddy and her mommy and daddy kept saying how much I had changed since they had seen me....less than 2 weeks ago! Everyone in the restaurant was commenting on the two of us babies saying how alert we were and how cute we were! These adults are just putty in our hands! I also decided that I was going to show Tiffany how I can spit soon as daddy handed me to her last night, there I went all over myself and her. But, she is used to it and was not angry with me! I had such a fun night hanging out with my buddies and I can't wait until they get back from their travels so we can see one another again!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Beach

I finally talked mommy and daddy into taking me to the beach. It is pretty much right oustide of my door and it looks so nice, but mommy and daddy would not take me until this weekend. A few weeks ago, mommy and daddy bought a huge tent (10' x 10') and daddy decided Saturday morning was the time to set it up. You should have seen him. He had just mowed the grass and decided it was time to go. I got my lobster bathing suit on and it was time to go. Daddy's bathing suit doesn't hang down to his ankles so why does mine? Mommy and Daddy just kept saying how cute it was. They think everything is cute. Mommy grabbed me and the beach bag, filled with beach towels & some water. Daddy grabbed the tent. He first had to unbox the tent. To all you other adults, make sure you are ready to go before you get us kids all excited. Daddy got the tent unboxed and we were on our way. We ran into Pop-Pop on the way and talked to him for a minute. For all of you who do not know, Daddy can sweat if it is 40 degrees, so standing in the sun when it is 90 degrees after dragging a tent for a block is not a good thing. He still had to drag the tent through the sand. We made it to the final destination of the tent and mommy and I went to the water's edge while Daddy worked on getting the tent set up. It couldn't be to hard since it was already put together, or could it? While I was playing in the water, kicking my feet and loving it, daddy was still trying to get the tent set up. Then he decided he had enough and pulled out his cell phone to call Pop-Pop. Here came Pop-Pop to the rescue. They worked on the tent for a few minutes and got it set up. Pop-Pop had to get back to work while we all decided to get under the tent. We sat there until I got fussy, which was about 30 minutes and then it was time for Daddy to take the tent back down. What goes up, must come down and the tent came down much easier than it went up. While we were on the beach, I did pose for some pictures. I can't wait to go back to the beach this weekend with my Nona and Popi--they are coming to visit this weekend.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Mommy and Daddy had it good a couple months back...other than mommy having to get up to pee three times a night, they could have a peaceful night's sleep. Then i came along. The first weeks i was just so tired...i would sleep for 20 hours a day. Now, I don't really think naps are critical and this makes my meltdown hour even more enjoyable for Mommy and Daddy. Normally between 6 and 7 at night, i start to crumble. Mommy and Daddy have figured out that I will calm down some when i go outside. I like to sit on the front porch and have the breeze blow through my hair. So you may be thinking, that is great...mommy and daddy can take you for walks in your stroller and enjoy the evenings. You silly adults...i don't like sitting in my car seat. It restricts me from throwing my arms and legs around like i love to do. Don't even think that riding in a car puts me to sleep. It just makes me cry even louder. This makes for some fun outings, but it has really made Mommy and Daddy think about traveling. 5 hours in a car...when do they go, what time do they leave??? To all of my family in NC, i will be coming down soon to visit, I promise.
Nights are equally adventurous. Sometimes I am ready, sometimes i am not. Some of mommy and daddy's friends came over and brought their 3 month old girl, Grace (you may remember her from mommy's blog). They stayed up late, until 11pm...funny isn't it when Mommy and Daddy think 11pm is late, oh the joys of parenthood. When they took me up to bed, i laid in my co-sleeper (best purchase my parents have made) and quickly went to sleep. I slept for a whole 5 hours. Normally I am up every 3-3 1/2 hours so mommy and daddy were overjoyed when thinking that this was going to be a normal routine. Ha Ha Ha...i am back to my 3-4 hour intervals. Mommy and Daddy still feel blessed that i sleep that long. Hang in there will get better.

2 Month Check Up

I had to go back to the doctor's office to have my 2 month check up performed. Nothing new, except...Vaccinations. As mentioned before, we decided to follow Dr. Sears' Alternative Vaccine Schedule, so I only received two vaccines instead of the normal 5. That sounds great, but when i got the first shot, i locked up, face started to turn fire-engine red and held my breath for a while before letting out a blood-curdling scream. The nurse quickly gave me the second vaccine. Daddy was holding my hands and quickly scooped me up after the nurse was finished. I calmed down quickly as Mommy and Daddy rushed out of the doctor's office before I let another of my screams out that would surely scare all of the other little kids...what did they do to that little boy back behind those closed doors...Yikes.
Before they gave me my vaccinations, they did a full exam. I now weigh 11 lbs, 5 ozs and measure 24 inches long. That puts me in the 50th percentile for weight & 60th percentile for my length. With this impressive growth spurt, Mommy and Daddy are having to put away many of the clothes that used to swallow me. They don't give up easily. They have developed their favorite outfits and it is hard for them to part with these outfits. Once the outfits look like spandex on me, i think it is time to retire them Mommy and Daddy.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Check Up

Well, I went last week for Dr. Karp to check the status of my neck. When i was inside my mommy, I always had my head to one side and when i continued to grow, i grew with better muscle structure on one side so i do not like to turn my head in the other direction. Dr. Karp looked at this at my 2 day check up and she has continued to look at it to check the progress. She said that i have made great progress, but she wanted to send me to have x-rays done and on Monday I started Physical Therapy. They diagnosed me with Torticollis after watching me interact. The first appointment lasted almost 2 hours as my therapist had to show mommy and daddy what they could do to help me get my head on straight. I then went back on Thursday for another hour of therapy on my neck. I am going to have to go two to three times a week for a while until I have made great progress. Mommy and Daddy are in charge of doing different activities with me daily to help my progress. I have shocked them over the last couple days with my progress and the strength of my neck--I can hold it up for a long time now. So a couple stats from my last check up, which was actually a couple weeks ago...I weighed 9 lbs, 13 ozs and measured 22 inches long (that was as close as they could measure because that device they use to measure me is cold without any of my clothes on and i flail around throwing my arms and legs around and it takes a couple people to hold me down).

My first round of shots are coming up soon too. My mommy and daddy have taken a proactive role and have decided to use Dr. Sears' Alternative Vaccination Schedule. They want to ensure they do everything they can to help me and I am excited that i do not have to get a pile of shots all at one time...go mommy and daddy.

Mommy got to go back and see Dr. Sadr a couple weeks ago also and can you believe she actually remembered my name. She was so great. Everything was perfect with my mommy so that was great news.

Life is great!