Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Daddy Blogging Wednesday live from CHKD Emergency Room

Update (12/31/2009):
After arriving in the emergency room at 8:45 (after 3 rounds of vomiting), we checked in and waited. What an interesting emergency room it was, but that would be a whole other blog entry. At around 9:15, Peyton fell asleep in Amy's arms. He was exhausted. We contemplated leaving to take him home to bed since he was peacefully asleep. About that time, he woke up and started crying. I grabbed the bucket as we knew what was coming. Sure enough...another few rounds. One of which went all over the waiting room floor. The poor other families just looked at us in the back corner as Amy grabbed some paper towels to clean up. About thirty minutes later we got called back and put in a room. The resident "doctor" came in and asked us a million questions. She said it sounded like a virus and that she wanted to see if he could hold some fluids down and if so, she would send us home. She was going to check with the attending doctor. All the while, Peyton rested in Amy's arms. Then around 10:45, another round. I guess the fluids would not be staying down like we hoped. So the attending doctor came in and we told her that he had another round of vomiting. She ordered an IV of fluids and anti-nausea medication. Our hearts raced. When the nurses arrived to do the IV, our life turned upside down. The first round was in his left hand. The two nurses stood at the head of the bed, trying to hold Peyton down while aiming for the vein. No luck...the vein collapsed. Then the other nurse tried on the other hand. Same result. Tears ran down Amy's face. I was feeling light-headed, but needed to stay strong. The nurses asked Amy to pick Peyton up to try to calm him down. They would then try to get a vein in his inside-elbow area while she held him. They were successful. They dressed the IV and got out of that room as fast as they could. They were very nice and helpful, but they were hurting our boy. Peyton screamed for the next hour. Then he finally got comfortable and slept. It was now approaching 1am. The fluids had been administered and now the doctor wanted to see if he could keep down some Pedialite. He was sound asleep on me so Amy had to startle him and give him 5cc's of Pedialite every 5 minutes. 45 minutes went by and he kept it down. The nurse came back in to remove the IV so we could head home.
This was incredibly difficult for Amy and I. The whole time we just talked about other families who have to endure so much more. Even though we didn't think so at the time, we are very fortunate that we were in the hospital for just 5 hours.
We are now at home. Peyton is very tired and doesn't feel like eating or drinking much, but we are working with him to make sure we get a little bit in him. So as we ring in 2010, we will be relaxing and working to nurse Peyton back to health. I hope you have a great New Years Eve and best wishes for a wonderful 2010 for you and your family.

This isn't exactly what I hoped to write about, but sometimes life throws you curveballs. Tonight was like any other...dinner at No Frill. As we were enjoying dinner, Peyton was acting strangely. He had a fever and runny nose last week and we took him to the doctor on Saturday. His ears were fine and no Strep. So we thought we were through the worst of this "virus"...wrong. As we were eating our dinner and he was watching Elmo on the portable dvd player, he vomited...prjectile vomit best explains it. I then took him and helped clean up. Once we cleaned up I took him out to the car and waited on Amy to pay the bill. After all, we did not want to ruin anyone's dining experience. When Amy got to the car, Peyton wanted to go to her. I tried to call everyone I could think of for advice...this was our first experience of this type and I get nervous easily. Peyton sat on her lap for a couple minutes and then two more rounds of vomit all over Amy's car. That sealed the deal so here we are in the emervency room of CHKD. I hate the helpless feeling, even if it is something small like a "virus"...we will see. I hope everyone else is enjoying a more routine night. Happy 2010 to you and best wishes for a wonderful year for you and your family.

P.S. Excuse any spelling errors. I have typed this post on my cell phone and believe that these small keys are not meant for my big "sausage" fingers.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Traditions Reclaimed

I have very great memories of Christmas from when I was a young boy. Family, Friends, Santa, Christmas Trees, etc.

Decorations: Decorations would match the current decor of the house. Anyone remember Mauve? How about Aqua? Oh Yes...we had Christmas Trees decorated in those colors. Don't expect red and green lights on our family Christmas Trees...only white as they would go with the color of the year.

How did all of those decorations make it on the tree? Normally with the help of my parent's good friend Doug. Let's just say Doug was in touch with his feminine side and knew exactly how to decorate for my mom. He may be the only person I know who was actually allowed to decorate for my mom.

Real Tree? Normally so, until pretty fake trees came into the world. When I met Amy, I got to enjoy a new tradition...driving to the mountains of NC and cutting down a live Christmas tree from a Christmas Tree farm. For years, I never even thought about where Christmas trees came from. I was amazed and absolutely loved this tradition. And the decorations on the Greenwood tree(s)...oh the decorations. They have more ornaments than anyone I have ever seen. All still packaged in the original Hallmark boxes. It was so neat to help decorate their tree as each ornament would bring back memories.

Santa: As a child, my parents would take us to Richmond to see the "real" Santa. It has always been a great memory for me. We would eat Reindeer cake, while the Reindeer were walking on the roof of the Miller & Rhodes Department store. could actually hear their footsteps. Then you would go get in line to sit on Santa's lap. You first talked to the Snow Queen and she asked you questions about what you wanted for Christmas and if you had been good. Then Santa would turn to you and call you by name. He would even know that you saw him in the same spot last year. As a child, it was simply amazing. Then Miller & Rhodes closed and that ended the tradition. About that same time, we started traveling for Christmas so our Christmas trees were replaced with palm trees.

Our family traditions normally began on Christmas Eve with family and friends coming over for Christmas Eve dinner and to exchange gifts. There was always a special visitor that night...Santa Claus. He would stop by with a gift for each of the children and let us know that he would be by later.

Christmas Morning: Christmas morning was so exciting as a child. We would have to wait until Mom and Dad were ready, which was never the same time that we were ready. We would come down the steps and the presents would be under the tree, wrapped in wrapping paper that would coordinate with the colors of the Christmas tree (of course). There would sometimes be larger gifts like swingsets that would be assembled and in place outside. One year I actually heard "Santa" outside my window as I was sleeping. As he was putting together the swingset, it was hitting the outside of my bedroom wall. I walked out back and what to my tired eyes appeared...a man that looked like my dad running around the corner.

There were so many great memories of Christmas as a child.

So once Amy and I started our family, we started talking about traditions we wanted to continue. The first is that we want to celebrate Christmas in our own home. My mom still arranges for Santa to come by on Christmas Eve to visit with everyone and he still brings one special gift to all of the kids (Peyton, Cole & Bailey). We have a fake Christmas tree and decorate it with a wide assortment of Amy's ornaments. We have actually added a couple small trees for Peyton's miniature ornaments. Amy is great at decorating the Christmas tree. I decorate the outside of the house (and yes...our porch lights are working).

This year we started a new tradition which goes back to my childhood traditions. We just returned from a great mini vacation to Richmond and we went to see the Legendary Santa this morning. Thanks to a facebook friend, I found out earlier this month that the Santa from my childhood is still in Richmond. He went from Miller & Rhodes to Thalhimers and now he is at the Children's Museum of Richmond. I was SOOOO excited to find out and immediately signed us up. So this morning we visited him. Peyton does not like getting too close to Santa (or "Ho Ho" as he calls him). Pictures to follow. It was an amazing experience for me because it brought back the childhood memories and I look forward to making this a tradition for my family.

So now our family traditions start to take shape and I am so excited to create life long memories for Peyton.

What are your family traditions for Christmas?

Merry Christmas to all!

Daddy Blogging Wednesdays--Take 4

We are on the road today, but I will be posting my 4th Daddy Blogging Wednesdays post later today, titled "Traditions Reclaimed".
Any other Dad's posting today? Tell us about your family's Christmas traditions or anything else going on in your life.
Happy Daddy Blogging Wednesday!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wanting, Wishing and Waiting

We are sitting here on a very cold, windy and RAINY Saturday afternoon, wishing we could see the snow! Kev and I are still holding out hope we could maybe see a few flakes tonight...we will see. We decided to upload a few pictures from the past week. Nothing too of the fabulouse ginger bread house we made earlier in the week. Ashley, Katherine and Sara had us over to their house to try our hand at it. I think the adults had more fun than Cole, Peyton and Bailey!

This is the front of the house...notice, if you can see it in the picture, the reindeer on top of the house.

We thought it turned out alright! Next year we are going for the real deal though! I guess we should start practicing now.

We were so slack about getting Christmas Cards out this year. I tried taking some pictures of Peyton earlier in the week to use on them, but no such luck!

Reading one of his books....the boy loves to look at books!
Playing with Mickey Mouse on the tree. He knows there are a few ornaments he can play with and he just goes and grabs them off and walks around for a few minutes and brings them back...too sweet! There is something that I just love about this picture. I know it doesn't show his little face, but it is one of my favs.

He has learned that Santa says Ho, Ho, Ho. Whenever we ask him who Santa is he always says "Ho, Ho." Kev and I think it is the cutest thing ever!

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! Stay warm...maybe we will see a little snow!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Daddy Blogging Wednesdays--Take 3

So remember how I told you how I am not good at the "manly" tasks in life? You know...power tools, hand tools, putting things together, installing Christmas lights???
Well, keep that in mind as you read what follows:

I love December. Winter is finally here, the smells of winter are some of my favorites, the chicken 'n dumplings just taste better when it's cold outside and Christmas is right around the corner. This year is extra special as Peyton is starting to take an interest in many of the fun that surrounds the Christmas holiday. He likes the cartoons, he loves the decorations throughout the house, he just looks at the lights in amazement. Oh those wonderful Christmas lights. When the lights are turned on, he lets out an "Oooohhh". I was so proud that I actually got all of the Christmas lights installed without a problem this year. They line our front porches and look great when they shine at night. I should emphasize "when they shine at night". For some reason, year after year, I am challenged by these lights. I thought this year would be different, but no. The lights have been up for about 2 weeks now and when we pulled back in front of our house after our trip to NC this weekend, there was a 3 foot section in the middle of the lights on the first floor porch that were no longer shining so brightly. Frustration set in. I figured I would tackle these lights Monday night. Monday night arrived and more all but about 2 feet of the lights on the second floor porch were out. I give up. I will add this to the list of tasks that beat me over and over. I have to admit that the feeling of having my "man card" revoked again is very depressing, but I am going to win it back this weekend and beat these lights so my wonderful son can once again look at them and say "Ooohhhhh".
If i can get these lights to work again, I will definitely post pictures to show everyone that I won!
Let there be light...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Daddy Blogging Wednesdays--Take 2

Why do I have such a resurgence of interest in blogging? I have missed it. I have missed putting my thoughts into words. I have missed bragging about my wonderful wife and son. I have missed being able to take a few minutes to myself and just put my thoughts into words. I have always loved to write. It is therapeutic for me and I need such therapy every once in a while.

I have also missed being able to share some of my favorite pictures with this week I am going to include more pictures and fewer words. Enjoy.

Thanks Aunt Meg for braving the cold weather and coming over to take these pictures.

You will probably notice the bruise on Peyton's head. Before you call Social Services, please let me explain. My son is non-stop and gets moving so fast that he sometimes (actually very often) falls and of course the first thing that hits the floor...his head. Thankfully his hair is getting longer and such bruises are normally covered, which saves the dirty looks that we receive when we have him out in public.

Daddy Blogging Wednesdays--Take 2

Who's in for Daddy Blogging Wednesdays this week? I am and I can't wait to read all of the Daddy posts as the day goes on.

Please send me a note to let me know you are posting so I can add you to this list:
Kevin @ Peyton's Pier
Hutch @ Cole's Cove
Dave @ Nora & Soren Are you in?
Tom @ Hoping for Our Own Peanut How about you?
Matt @ McClain Clan We would love to see a post from you...what do you say?
Come on Dads...let's add your name to this list also!

Happy Daddy Blogging Wednesday!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Will you Pray for Jade?

I was on facebook earlier to find that my cousin, Ryan, had written about a little girl named Jade who is 6 years old and a very close friend of his. Will you visit her website and consider praying for her as she begins her journey to beat cancer?
Jade's Journey

I believe they are setting up a donation area as well, as Jade's mom is a single mother to Jade and her sister, and they will need help financially to fight this Leukemia. This hits hard in the Holiday Season and my heart is heavy but hopeful for Jade.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

There's a Mouse in the House...and it's not Mickey

So my lovely wife calls me around 10 o'clock this morning and the first words I hear from her...

"I need you to come home".

These were uttered in a shaky, scared voice. I have heard this voice before, when the Christmas tree with all of her Hallmark ornaments (and that is a me) fell a few years ago. There were also the two times that Peyton fell down our hardwood steps (not just one or two...the whole flight of steps, and there was a third time he fell down the steps, but he was riding on my belly as I slid down the entire flight of steps on my back...a couple days after I finished the 1/2 Marathon--but she didn't call me because I was in our foyer on my back--laughing and crying).

This was a bit more of an urgent voice though, so my mind quickly turned to panic as I thought something had happened to her or Peyton. I got her to calm down and she said...

"There's a mouse in the house". I was thinking there is always a mouse in the house and Peyton loves to bring him (Mickey) to you and have you push on his foot that makes him sing a Christmas song and then Peyton just dances and dances until the song is over and then he brings it back and says, "Push".

It must be a different mouse.
I asked, "Where".
She answers, "Peyton's playroom".

Oh Peyton in there playing with him? I work about 20 minutes from the house so getting home was not a quick option so I called my brother-in-law who works in our neighborhood to see if he could help. He came right over, along with one of my cabinet installers who happened to be in the neighborhood doing a job. I kept Amy on the phone (feeling like a 911 dispatcher) and told her to block the doorway into the rest of the house. The forces arrived, entered the home, located the mouse and tried to capture him, but it was too quick. It went under our undercounter refrigerator in our bar area and that is where it remains, even now--between the back edge of the hardwood floors and the wall. I picked up a bunch of traps (Sorry PETA) and surrounded the area, much like the SWAT team getting ready to move in.

And what was Peyton doing this whole time? He was sitting on the couch watching TV as if nothing was going on. I should probably note that the TV and Couch are in the next room (where I had Amy blocking the door). Amy is still shaken that there is a mouse loose in our house. I will try to get pictures of the crime scene when i get home. I wish I would have had video because words do this story little justice.

At least Mickey has a friend to play with :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Daddy Blogging Wednesday--Take 1

So here we's Wednesday and that means it's...
So what's on my mind? A always. We are in the midst of the Holiday Season, which is one of my favorite times of the year. There is so much to be thankful for this year. Amy & Peyton are amazing, my family is spectacular and my friends are wonderful. We have had a rough year at B&T Kitchens, but that was to be expected. We actually did better than we could have imagined and I still have a job.

And these are just the "tip of the iceberg".

But today I am going to talk about myself. Sounds quite egotistical doesn't it? Rest assured that I am not the egotistical type. I am hardly the manly type. Amy always jokes that I must have more estrogen than she has. I cry the point that it is quite embarrassing.
But who else am I?
I am Kevin. I was born in 1978 in Virginia Beach to a wonderful family. I have a sister (Cole & Bailey's Cove) who is 3 years younger. She now has 2 beautiful children and a wonderful husband. He works for my dad's construction company. I work for my parent's kitchen cabinet company (B&T Kitchens and Baths). As a child, I had insecurity issues...I probably still do. I never felt comfortable being myself or letting others into my life. It was a struggle until I met Amy. I married Amy, my college sweetheart, on October 4, 2003. We met at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 1997 and the rest is history. Fast forward to 2003...we married in Winston-Salem, NC on a beautiful day. We had talked about our family dreams and desires since early on in our relationship. We both knew we wanted children. She wanted 3...I thought 2 was ok. We thought it would be something that just happened when we were ready. This was not reality for us. We tried and tried and tried and ended up going through IVF. This was the most trying (physically, emotionally, financially, etc) time in our lives. We struggled with each other because of the stress involved, but there were funny times too. I don't particularly like needles and to have to jab someone with one every day was, well...difficult to say the least. Sometimes it would take me minutes to just get warmed up enough to give the shot. And why did we have to go through IVF? We both had infertility issues. My "boys" were not shaped properly which meant they were probably spinning in circles. Amy had Poly-Cystic ovaries. We were a match made in heaven. We learned a lot about each other through IVF and infertility, but we had to hide most of our feelings from others because they just didn't understand. It was hard, but it worked on the first try. We learned Amy was pregnant on September 13, 2007. It was amazing and the next 8 months were amazing. First heartbeat, first kick, ultrasounds, birthing classes, etc. Peyton was born on May 15, 2008 and we started our lives as a family.
This last 18 months has been amazing. Amazingly rewarding, Amazingly difficult, Filled with an Amazing love that I could never have imagined.
Fast forward to today...I am still insecure about things, but have found myself opening up more and more. This blog definitely helps. When I met Amy I was a 6'4" 165 lb "stick". Today, I am a 6'4" 250lb "big boy"...marriage has definitely been good to me. I have a severe fast food addiction. I am not a "manly man". We laugh because i struggle with the simplest tasks around the house. My dad builds houses and I struggle to hang a blind over our windows. Did I mention that I sell kitchens? I know it is crazy, but i think i am pretty good at what i do. I am a manager...i make sure everything gets done. I have installers who are the best and make me look good. I think that is important in life. Realize your weaknesses and find a way to overcome them. I have a handful of great friends. I live within 5 miles of most of my immediate family (Mom & Dad, Sister, Brother-in-law, Nephew & Niece, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Grandma & Grandpa). This is great, but what is not great is that I live 300 miles from Amy's family. It is tough and at times I feel guilty because I am the reason she moved here, but this is our life together and we make everything work. I work hard, but love that moment when i pull up to the house and Peyton & Amy are waiting at the door for me. Peyton is smiling and waving to me. Amy is having him blow me kisses. I walk through the door and his first words..."DOG". Then i realize maybe he was blowing those kisses and waving his sweet little hands at Bailee, our Chocolate Lab. It makes me laugh. I am so Blessed to have such a wonderful family and I never let this go.

I know this has been all over the place, but it is hard to start. I will get better...I promise.

One last thing. Do you ever know that you need to give something up, but love it so much that you can't, but complain about the effects of it? I do and this is the reason why I am a 250lb daddy that loves to have his son sleep on his chest...yes, my 18 month old son who...yes, sleeps in our bed every night because I want to feel that love and not make him cry it out. At least he sleeps for a little while in his crib before making the move to our bed. I have come to realize that I don't have to do it for long as we are happy and healthy! And now that i have written all of these thoughts, I am going to Taco Bell!

Daddy Blogging Wednesdays

Daddy Blogging Wednesdays are here.
OK...I may be more excited than you are, but I am OK with that. I am also excited that several other Dads have expressed interest in taking part. We also have our first Daddy Blogging Wednesday post from Dave at Nora & Soren's Blog. If I had a prize to award, you would certainly be the recipient. Thanks for starting us out Dave!
My post will be coming later on and I hope that others will join in throughout the day. If you are worried that you cannot commit to every Wednesday, just join us as you can. If Wednesday is not a good day for you, write your post any day and set it to post on Wednesday. Whatever you need to do is fine with me. I am just excited to have you participate. If there is a question on what you should write answer: ANYTHING!
I just wanted to check in and say Happy Daddy Blogging Wednesday!
Here are the other blogs to keep an eye on throughout the day as there are rumors that Dads may be posting on them:
Cole & Bailey's Cove
McClain Clan

Who else is going to join in the fun? Stay tuned...

Monday, November 30, 2009

And Now...

And now I will share the stage with Daddy for a little announcement:

Beginning this Wednesday (December 2nd), I will be starting a weekly post for what I have termed, "Daddy Blogging Wednesdays". I know, I is not what you may have been thinking. I heard some very funny guesses on what some of you thought i had planned, but as great as some of them were, this is it...Daddy is going to Blog. I am going to blog about any and every thing that is on my mind. I started out blogging a lot through Amy's pregnancy and through the first couple months of Peyton's life, but then I disappeared from the Blog and Amy took over. I am back and I hope to bring with me other Dads who do not blog to take part in these Wednesday posts. If I have not contacted you about getting involved, please accept this as an invitation to join me for Daddy Blogging Wednesdays. I hope to get some help from some Blog friends to get this started so please pass this idea by your husband or any other Daddys that you think would be interested in blogging and have them email me at It would also be great if you could copy this post and put it on your blog so others can join in.
I follow several blogs and only one is written by a dad (Thank you Nate!). Wouldn't it be great if other dads joined in the fun? It doesn't matter if it is a short post or long post...It doesn't matter how it is written...It doesn't matter what you are writing about...All that matters is that Dads are writing.
So this Wednesday will be my first "Daddy Blogging Wednesdays" post. Who wants to join me?

Friday, November 27, 2009

What does Daddy Have Planned?

I may have confused everyone with my last posts...Sorry.
No Mommy is not pregnant...Good Thought though~I mention this because a couple people have asked if this was the surprise! I would love a little brother or sister, but I will have to wait.

Daddy is going to start something new on the blog...Stay tuned as it is coming next week.
Hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A few pictures you want a clue. Daddy says "no way".
But while you are waiting, here are some pictures that Daddy likes.
These were taken as my 1-year pictures by Ramone (Ramone Photography Studio--Ramone is absolutely amazing) on the beach outside our house.

Coming Soon

Daddy has something fun Coming Soon. This is something he has been waiting a while to do and...stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

18 Month Checkup

Today was my visit to see Dr. Karp as an 18-month old. I am starting to recognize where I am and I let everyone know that I was not happy. And of course they want to torture me at the beginning by completing the worst part of the checkup...checking my height and weight. I can't stand having to lay down on those cold pieces of equipment. Mommy and Daddy always look so excited...can they not feel my pain? I now measure 32 1/2" and weigh 22lbs 7ozs. That puts me on track with where I have always been. I am above average in height and below average in weight. Then Dr. Karp came in to check me out. She is so fun...she played with me, showed me my Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and then started to check my ears, eyes, etc. I did not like that nearly as much as her singing to me. Everything looked good. Mommy and Daddy then had some questions for her. #1 was...Why I am not sleeping anymore? Let me answer this...why would i want to sleep in a crib when i can sleep between them in bed? Dr. Karp's answer was to let me cry it out. Mommy and Daddy do not believe in CIO. They are going to try some other techniques and are always open to suggestions...just no CIO. When i am left for too long crying in my crib, I bang my head against the crib sides/back, throw everything out of the crib, start screaming and shaking uncontrollably. I am going to show Mommy and Daddy how good I can sleep tonight. Night Night!

Friday, November 20, 2009

What a CHARMED life we have...

Last Sunday was beautiful here! Who would think in the middle of November we could walk down to the bay and play? After our Nor'easter we had the previous days, it was nice to be able to go down and enjoy the nice temperatures and sunshine! Bailee even got to join us and she had a blast!
Look what we found...a jellyfish that was bigger than daddy's hand!

Me and daddy discussing a few things!
Bailee waiting for me to throw her the ball! She loves to play in the water!
Me walking Baillee or maybe Bailee walking me!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino

Have you guys ever tasted anything like this...It is very obvious that I come from my daddy! For those of you who don't know...he is addicted to Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino's. I never really knew what mommy and daddy wanted to go there all the time for, but then one day they decided it was time for me to find out!

And I am so glad they decided it was time because I LOVE this drink!
I just sit, watch Nick Jr and drink my Starbucks! What a life!!
Good to the last drop...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My First Sleepover

Amy here...Friday night was a huge night in our household. Kevin and I had our second race on Saturday morning at 8! We knew that we would have to leave the house before Peyton would be awake so we had to make a decision about whether he should have a sleepover with his Nana and Pop Pop (gasp) or if we would wake him up and drop him off early? Well, we chose the first option. We were going to have our 1st official sleepover at the ripe old age of 17 1/2 months. Yes, we have never left the child overnight anywhere. A lot of the reason behind that is because Peyton is not the greatest sleeper, but Nana and Pop Pop were up for the challenge. So, off he went to their house and home Kevin and I came to our first night of not listening for a child on a baby monitor. Peyton did pretty good, he woke up once and Nana rocked him back to sleep and he woke up a second time around 4 and got to get in bed with his Nana and Pop Pop. He did very good considering it was his first ever night being away from us. We were thinking that when we got to see him Saturday morning that he would be very excited to see us...nope, no way! We did not compare to Pop Pop! He just wanted to play with him in the hugs or kisses for mom or dad! I see where we rank now. Ha!

Happy Halloween

For Halloween this year, I was Micky Mouse. He is one of my favorites and the costume was too cute for my Nana and Madelyn to pass up. We had dinner at Dick and Madeylyn's house before the trick or treating began. I was not really up for dinner, I just wanted to play with my Pop Pop and cousin Cole. But, we eventually had to get ready and go out and get some candy or so my Mommy and Daddy thought.
Me and Mimi...she was telling me all about the candy I was going to be collecting!
As I was saying, my mommy and daddy thought we were going to visit our friends in the neighborhood. So, Pop Pop carried me to the door and that is the point where I wanted the world to know exactly how I was feeling. I wanted my Pop Pop and that is all I wanted...the whole entire night! The only way I would stop crying was by having a sip of Coke or...

...throwing myself down on the ground every 5 minutes. I cried the entire time we were out which was no more than 45 minutes! Mommy and Daddy finally got so frustrated that we ended up heading back to Dick and Madelyn's house where I saw my Pop Pop and all of a sudden I was a happy Peyton again! Not what mom and dad had envisioned, but then again it is all about me right???

The Pumpkin Patch

So, Mommy has been very slow to get pictures of our trip to the Pumpkin Patch up. Can you believe her? Well, we decided to go to the farmers market and pick us out a pumpkin or two or three. So, off we went and there were so many pumpkins for me to choose from.
Daddy tried to sit me on top of one of the pumpkins so I could have a picture taken, but I did not like that idea.
Hey guys...why is this pumpkin white and not orange???
Wave to the camera....
The perfect one for me...

Monday, October 26, 2009


Usually on the weekends, I get to go to breakfast with my Nana. She always makes sure that I am well fed. Well the other day, I got home and my belly was so full and my eyes were so heavy that I could not take any more. I passed out on my daddy at 11:30 AM. Normally my nap time is not until 1. I just could not make it any longer!

UNC WIlmington

Peyton loves to put hats on his head. The other day he had my UNCW hat and I happened to have the camera handy! He looked so darn cute wearing it! Could he be a future Seahawk??? Daddy wishes he would be a future Tarheel. I guess we shall see...

I love to help my Mommy!

So around our house, Friday has always been my Mommy's cleaning day. She likes to make sure that the house is clean for the weekend. Well, it used to go pretty smoothly for her until I came along. Don't get me wrong, she still manages to clean, but sometimes it just takes us a little bit longer than expected! You see, every time my mommy gets the vacuum out of the closet, I see it as my job to help her. I am just so helpful!!

I am concentrating really hard here...
On a mission to vacuum our house!

Mommy says that I am such a good helper. She says I can help her anytime I want to!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Girlfriend Grace!

Almost three weeks ago my best buddy Grace got a new baby sister. My mommy and daddy took me to visit them at the hospital and Grace and I had so much fun! We were running and playing in the hallways...
We even rode in the elevator. Grace's daddy was trying to make us jump in it, but as you can see, I was not impressed!!! I just wanted to push all the buttons.
Me and Grace...I was trying to be a gentlemen and help her up!
This was the best part of all, the steps. These occupied us for the entire time that we were there. Up and Down, Up and Down we went. We were pretty good at it too! You could also see all the new babies when you got to the top!
More Stairs and Bars...

I had so much fun playing with my girlfriend Grace. I can't wait to play with her new baby sister Reese. We are going to have so much fun. Thanks for letting me come and visit!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1 year ago

Mommy hear and all I can say is...What a difference 1 year makes!!!
This was Peyton last year at the his car seat and not even 5 months old!
Taking in the lights...
His first experience with a chocolate covered banana...
A much better experience with that banana...
And of course the turkey leg!
I can't believe how fast this baby has grown up...where has the time gone??