Monday, June 25, 2012

God has a new pet

Last Sunday, June 17, Chloe passed away.  It was so fast and so sudden that I think everyone is still shocked.  She was diagnosed about 2 weeks ago with a mass in her lungs and ever since then she has gone down hill and fast!!!  We arrived to NC on Thursday late night and she greeted us at the door as usual.  She just seemed to pant a whole lot more than normal.  She was sleeping a whole lot too.  We were able to spend her last couple of days with her and I am so very thankful for that.  My parents took amazing care of her and are just heartbroken that she is gone.

We left their house on Sunday around 1 pm and I held her and told her we would see her on Friday when my parents were coming to visit.  At one point over the weekend I held her tight and told her that she didn't have to fight anymore that she should rest...I guess she needed to hear that because my parents called my around 6 pm on Sunday evening and told me that she had gone down hill so fast and so quickly that by the time they arrived at the emergency vet they couldn't get her blood pressure.  They quickly took them to a room where Chloe passed away in my mom's arms.  If I could not have been there for her, I am so thankful that they were.

Peyton is trying to understand and so Thursday evening we were laying in bed and he was so excited because Noni and Popi were coming to visit and then he said and Chloe.  I quickly reminded him that she went to heaven on Sunday.  On Friday morning one of the first things he said to me was "Mommy, God has a pet."  I responded with "who?"  and he said Chloe.  SO thankful that he is such a sweet tender hearted boy!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

4 year stats

Even though we are a month late, today I took Peyton in for his 4 year checkup!

I have always heard that the 4 year appointment is horrible and I will have to agree.  All day Peyton has been concerned about having shots.  I have tried to tell him that he will have to have a shot but he kept telling me he wasn't going to.

Well...our time finally came and Peyton had to have a hearing test, a vision test, 4 shots and of course all of the normal routine things.

He is weighing in at 37.11lbs and 41inches tall.  He is in the 65% for both.  He passed his hearing and vision test with no problems.  The doctor told me he was perfect...then she had to tell him about the shots...from that point on it was screaming and tears.  I had to squeeze him so he couldn't move his arms...bless his sweet little heart.  All he kept telling me was that "they hurt so bad."  As we were leaving he asked me if I could buckle him in the car.  So sweet and innocent at this age.  I am so glad that they only have to go yearly at this point!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Yesterday was a hard day for me...Kevin and I got Chloe when we were juniors in college.  She was born on June 1 1999.  She was our baby for so long....

The past couple of months she has had a cough that sounds like she is trying to get something up, we all just thought that it was allergies...well, the cough has persisted so my parents took her to the vet and they decided that she needed lab work and an ultrasound to see what was going on.  Well yesterday was the ultrasound and she now has a mass in her little tiny body.  

She is 13 years old and at this point we are not sure how long she has.  I am so heartbroken.  We have all agreed that it isn't worth putting her through chemo and radiation when she has had such an amazing life. We are headed to NC next weekend to celebrate my sister and my grandmothers birthday...and unfortunately I may be saying goodbye to my first little baby....

MDR 8 months old

This little booger has seriously been growing up right before our eyes!!!  8 months ago today he decided it was time to make his entrance into this world!  

He is such a happy baby, as long as his mommy is around!  He is definitely a mommas boy!  He does love his brother as well though!  Peyton can make him giggle with the slightest jump!  It is so much fun watching them interact and knowing they will be life long buddies!

MDR is still nursing about 6-7 times a day.  He is starting to eat yogurt for breakfast and seems to really enjoy that.  He is loving dinner time most nights, but occasionally will just want a couple of bites and then milk.  He is going to bed at 8 and usually waking up one to two times per night.  This week he has been going back to bed until 8 in the morning and that is pure bliss for me.  

He usually takes a catnap in the morning and then an afternoon nap which can range from 2-3 hours most days.  

He is on the move for sure and just this week has started to pull his knees up underneath him.  He has mastered the army crawl and can be anywhere in the house within minutes.  

We are still working on sitting up....just today he sat all by himself for probably a minute.  Baby Steps around here :)

Still no teeth and no words...we do in fact all drill him with "say mama, say dada, say Peyton"...He will get it one day.

He really is such an amazing little guy...but I can't believe he is getting so big so fast!!!