Sunday, February 22, 2009


Here I am in my bath about 8 months ago. Mommy was giving me by bath in this picture, but normally my Daddy does it. Daddy held on to the hope that he could always give me a bath in this bathtub. He felt safe with it and it was one of those baby items that he didn't want to give up
But, Enough is Enough. I was too big for the bath.

The new Bath Ring is so much better. I can sit and play. I love my bathtime. It starts out with Daddy spreading my towel out on the counter next to the sink. Then he starts to pull off my clothes. He has this funny thing that he does with my socks and I love it. It started a couple months ago. He will pull them until they "pop" off of my feet. Ok, I know that he does the "Pop" sound, but it is too funny. As he does the "pop" sound, he throws the sock into the air. Oh are so fun.

Then while in the bathtub, i get to play with my toys and get washed. I know that experts do not recommend a bath every day, but i have enjoyed it all of my life. I only get washed every other day and then i get plenty of lotion after to make sure my skin doesn't dry out. I also get to eat my final food for the night...kind of like the tub. Then Daddy brushes my 4 teeth and gums and once done, it is time to move over to the rug for more fun.

Daddy puts me on the floor, pulls off the towel and then he chases me repeating "Tushy, Tushy, Bum Bum" as he pinches my cute little butt. I love this and try to crawl faster than he is.

Then I start showing off some more yoga.

And then it is on with the diaper & the pj's and ready for bed.

Into Everything

Have I mentioned that I am into everything these days? It is so fun to explore.

And just when I think nobody is watching me...Busted! Check out the wrinkles in my forehead-just like my Daddy.

Daddy turned 31

My Daddy turned 31 about two weeks ago...actually on February 2nd, otherwise known as Groundhog's Day. I don't really know what that means, but it is funny to think that Daddy shares his birthday with some Groundhog celebration. What a special day.
To celebrate the special day, Daddy celebrated at work where everyone had a special gift for him...remember Daddy's trying to eat healthier so this was perfect.

Then he came home from work early and Mommy and I had some special gifts waiting for him.

Mommy had also made the most beautiful cake for him. I wish I could have gotten my fingers on it. You know what I mentioned above about Daddy trying to eat healthier--I don't think this is on his list, but everyone needs a treat!

As you can tell by the expressions on my face, my daddy's face & Carlee's face, we couldn't wait to get into it.

Family and Friends joined us at Nana & PopPop's house to celebrate.
Even my girlfriend, Grace, was there with her Mommy, Tiffany, and Daddy, Matt.

We had a great time playing.

Grace wanted to show me her shoe

Or did she want me to take it...either way, I got it.

After playing with her shoe, I moved on to the stethoscope

Then Grace was coming after me to get it.

And she got it.

And then it was time for a check up...ok, not really, but Daddy thought this picture was too funny. Write your own caption for this one.

And in an effort to impress Grace, I showed her my yoga poses...look at my form.

Isn't she beautiful?

Happy Birthday Daddy!

MiMi & Me

My MiMi came over a couple weeks ago to show mommy how to make her wonderful fudge. She also took some time to play with me. I love her so much.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

9 month checkup

As has been the tradition over the last 9 months, we have updated my stats. Here are my 9 month stats from February 17, 2009:
I am 28 1/2 inches long--50th percentile
I am 17 lbs 11.5 ozs--10th percentile
I have been growing according to these percentiles so Dr. Karp is excited about my progress.
I have also started to pull up and can stand on my own for a few seconds before toppling over. You know what this means...I am into and onto everything. This means many accidents and many bumps and bruises. Here is what my mommy came into last week after my nap:


I know my name can be considered either a boy's name or a girl's name, but the doctor's office. On my last two visits, a nurse has come in and referred to me as "her". Isn't it part of their training to read a chart and see if I am a male or female?

Then you have Mommy and Daddy...Daddy is not very outspoken so he sits there as they refer to me as a "her" and doesn't say anything. I can see him rolling his eyes, but not a word out of him. Thanks Dad!
Mommy on the other hand can only stand this about one time. In case they just slipped and saw a girl before me, she doesn't correct the nurse, but once they repeat it she is quick to correct them...Peyton is a boy!!
Next time I am going to be diaper-less when they come in...that should help.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cloth Diapers

My Mommy & Daddy have decided to move to cloth diapers. They have been playing with this idea for about a month. It started after reading some blogs of other families, especially MCKMama, who use cloth diapers and then one day at Babies R Us they made the move. The first ones were G Diapers, which proved to be a good transition from disposables to cloth diapers. They worked well and then we decided to try out two other cloth diapers, BumGenius & Fuzzi Buns. We researched these online and then went to a local store, Soft Cloth Bunz and talked to them about our options. There were so many to choose from, but these were the two that were most recommended. We tried them out and loved them for different reasons. We then made our final decision...we will be using BumGenius during the days and Fuzzi Buns at night. Our main reason for this was that the BumGenius are less bulky and easier during the day, and the Fuzzi Bunz have a pocket to add extra layers of absorbency at night.
Now you may be wondering why we decided to make the change...
Were we concerned about the environment...sure, isn't everyone, but that wasn't our major reason.
Were we concerned about the disposable diapers on our baby's bum...sure, but again it wasn't our main reason.
Our final decision came down to the cost savings...we wish we would have started when he was a newborn, but we calculated everything and will still save money now and doesn't everyone like to save money?
We also liked how soft the diapers were and how easy they were to use. Before we started our research, we were scared because we thought cloth diapers were still the "old-school" diapers that had diaper pins, diapers and covers, but we were pleasantly surprised.

So now we start our new journey using cloth diapers.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day Present for My Mommy

It was two years ago on Valentine's Day when Mommy and Daddy met with Dr. Robin about their issues getting pregnant. It was a life-changing day and one they will never forget. Now, two years later, they are able to enjoy Valentine's Day with their Little Miracle.

Showing my Mommy how much I love her, I surprised her on Valentine's Day with a special gift.

Happy Valentine's Day Mommy.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Keeping the Stone Family in Our Prayers

We continue to pray for the Stone Family and ask you to join us.
Baby Warren went to be with Jesus early Monday morning.
The memorial service will be tomorrow afternoon.
We received a quick update from Aunt Meg today and she said that Baby John is doing well so please join us in praying that he continues to improve.

My First Cold

Hello everyone...sniff, sniff! As you can tell, I have my very first cold! It all started in NC this weekend when we were visiting my Nona and Popi! We went down to celebrate my daddy's birthday, Nona's birthday, Samantha's birthday and Emily's birthday! Can you believe how many birthdays we got to celebrate while we were there??? Anyways, we got there on Friday afternoon and went to dinner with my Nona and Popi and all was fine! I even came home and had my bath as usual and went to bed at 9:30...
Around 10:30 I awoke in a crib and found that I was having a little trouble breathing through my nose, so I called for mommy and in she came...she is so good to me!! She got me back to sleep but then 11:30 came and I called for her again! She could then hear my poor little stuffy nose and took me to bed with her and daddy! I was up and down all night long because I could not breathe through my nose! I finally got a little bit of sleep once daddy let me sleep on him and stay elevated a little! Around 6:00 daddy decided that he was going to get in the shower with me and let the warm steam come up and hopefully clear me out...well it at least put me back to sleep until 8:30!
Saturday I was so tired and just so not myself...I would play and laugh for a little while, but then I would get cranky....Saturday was our party day though...I had to feel good for the party! (More to come about our party later!!) Mommy and Daddy decided that they needed to help me (and themselves) out on Saturday night, so they decided to go and buy a vaporizer...and they had to go to Wally World (Wal-Mart)! And not just any in the boondocks!!! For those of you not aware, my mommy and daddy much prefer Target...but that was too far and they were trying to get me home for nap time! So off we went and let me tell you...we got what we needed and left!!! Such an interesting mix we saw!!!
So, since Friday night, I have been trying to learn to breathe through my mouth!
On Monday, Mommy and Daddy decided I better pay a visit to Dr. Karp. She checked me out and said that I had a cold (and weighed in at 17lbs 7 ozs)...the good news is that my ears looked clear~Praise the Lord. If anyone knew my daddy when he was young, you will remember how sick he always was (and actually still is. He actually got sick on Friday night also and really does not sound like himself) and how many ear infections and sets of tubes he endured. I hope he did not pass those on to me. We already can see he passed on his hair-line. I go back to see Dr. Karp on Tuesday for my 9-month check up so we hope that my ears remain clear and that Daddy and I can get over these colds.
I hope all of you are staying well and feeling good!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

11 years ago

Happy Anniversary Mommy & Daddy.
My Mommy and Daddy decided 11 years ago today that they liked each other enough to start dating. Daddy had fallen head over heels for Mommy from the first time he saw her in Belk Hall at UNCW. Daddy was on the second floor trying to help another girl study and Mommy walked in upset (wearing gray furman shorts & a white West Forsyth Titanide t-shirt). I know what you are thinking...Daddy fell in love with an upset freshman in college...he sure did, and he started dating her 11 years ago today. Her Name is Amy Riley and he is still absolutely, head-over-heels, in love with her.
Happy Anniversary!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to Daddy!

Today is a very special day in our family!!! Not only is it the day after my Nona's (MawMaw's) Birthday, it is Groundhogs Days as well! Ha Ha....just kidding Daddy! Today is my Daddy's 31st Birthday! Last year he turned the BIG 30 and they were talking about how this year he would have me to celebrate with! So, yesterday I baked him a cake and tonight we are going to Nana and Pop Pop's house where we are going to be having Mexican for dinner!!! This is one of daddy's favorites! So, Happy Birthday Daddy! Mommy and me love you very much!