Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Day before PreK 4

So tomorrow Peyton starts his second year at Norfolk Christian!  He will be in PreK 4!  I am not sure how it happened that we are entering into our second school year...where has the time gone?

We went yesterday and met his teacher, Mrs. Herritt.  Peyton was a bit apprehensive going to school again yesterday and was very nervous.  We walked into his new classroom and very greeted by a friend who was in his class last year.  We immediately realized that over half of the class is from his PreK 3 class last year.  It was nice to see that.

Peyton never left my side as we spoke with his teacher and tried to hype up the big day.  He did start to explore a bit as we got ready to leave, but it made my mommy heart a bit nervous about how our day tomorrow will go.  We are only doing 3 half days but I am just so anxious to get the first day behind us.

Last year as I dropped him off I left my sunglasses on so no one could see the water works that were about to start.  This year I am not sure it is going to be much different.  He has told me that I a, going to miss him and then he tells me how excited he is...we shall see tomorrow.  

I am praying things go smoothly for both of us...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

MDR...10 Months old

MDR turned 10 months on Tuesday...2 shorts months and we will be celebrating that sweet little bundles 1st birthday!!!

Maddox has been doing great lately!  Our schedule is starting to really sink in it seems lately!

7 am we wake up and he comes into bed and nurses (that has just started this week)
8 am head downstairs where he is anxiously anticipating his yogurt/cereal
830-930 or 10 plays with his brother or holds on to my pant leg!!
10ish he is ready for a nap...he still nurses at this point...sometimes i have to rock him to sleep other times he quickly drifts away!
normally sleeps about an hour...this is usually when we go do our errands for the day so we are on the go from 11is-1ish
1 lunch time when he will eat some type of fruit puree, veggies, whatever we have!
2-230ish nurses again for afternoon nap
4:30-5ish wakes up from afternoon nap and usually wants a bit of a snack.  We have introduced him to goldfish and he likes to suck the salt off of them!
6-630 ish dinner time!!  He is still eating the pureed food out of the pouches right now...I really thought I was going to be a good mom and make all his food...oops...no way who has time!!
7ish-730ish is bath time every other night.  He loves to play in the bath with his big brother!!
8 time to get ready for bed...diapered, lotioned, pjs and one more time to nurse with mommy!
We try to be in bed by 8:30...

Just this week, I decided I was done nursing the middle of the night feedings.  So last week we did it one night...the first night was about 2 hours of crying...LONG NIGHT!!!  The next night maybe an hour!  Now, last night he woke up at 4, I walked in rocked him for about 5 minutes and back to sleep he went until 7!  I was in heaven!!  So nice that he is only waking up once now!  Let's hope it continues!!!

He is pulling up on everything and anything!  He has learned to crawl up the stairs so our barstool is serving as a gate!  He learned to wave as well and has gotten pretty good at it!

He still has no teeth!!  I am beginning to wonder if they are ever coming in...haha!  One day...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Peanut M & M's and an almost 10 month old

Yes seriously, Maddox will be 10 months old tomorrow!  Crazy how time flies!

Over the weekend we were having peanut M and M's and someone is quicker than his daddy thought.  Kevin was holding a bowl of them in one hand and Maddox in the other.  He thought he had only grabbed 2, but come to find out, he swiped more.

I came downstairs and noticed red on Maddox's shirt.  I quickly asked what it was and Kevin said he must have thrown up...really red throw up what in the world.  I noticed that he was chewing on something so I stuck my finger in his mouth and sure enough found a peanut!  Seriously...the little man had indulged in his first ever M and M and it was a peanut one!!!

Needless to say we have now determined he doesn't have a peanut allergy!