Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Speech Therapy

So, Maddox doesn't say much...were talking maybe a good 10 words at best!  He will definitely try to mimic you, but if you ask him to say "dog" it comes out as "du."  Not exactly what you would expect from a 21 month old.  I think Peyton was speaking in sentences by now.  I know they are all so very different, but it is so hard not to compare the two.

Anywho, back to therapy...when we went in for Maddox's 18 month check up the doc asked us about his speech and I told her he was saying mama, dada, this and a few others that we can understand but others not so much.  So, she is extremely proactive with her kids so she referred us to therapy.

About two weeks ago we went for our first appointment where they sat Maddox in front of a mirror at a table and asked him to do a number of tasks.  Most of which he was able to perform...just without many words!  The conclusion this therapist gave was his comprehension skills are at 2 years 4 months and his expressive was at 10 months!!!  HOLY COW!  She informed me that many children perform better in their own homes (huge shocker) than they do in an office.

Which brings us to today where we met with Early Childhood Intervention.  They will come out in a couple of weeks and do another assessment on him and then come up with a plan of action in order to get my little nugget talking!

Not sure I ever updated his stats...at 18 months (really about 19 months) he was still in the 1% for weight and the 10th for height!