Thursday, August 12, 2010

Potty update...

So sorry for the lack of pictures...Kevin has not had time to work on the Mac yet to store them so I have given him that chore for the weekend!

In other news...I decided that this week we were going to start wearing big boy undies most of the day...and to our surprise, Peyton has done amazing with it! We are only wearing diapers at nap time and night time! I was so excited the other day that I only had to change 1 diaper!!! Woohoo!

On a side note, I was rocking Peyton for his nap and he looked up to me after reading his books and said "itsy pider"...melt my heart...he wanted me to sing the itsy bitsy spider!

He makes my world!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

My First Movie

Hello there world! Long time since we have updated!

We had a first experience yesterday and just wanted to document it! We took Peyton to his very first movie...Toy Story 3! We were a little concerned about how he was going to do since he is only 2. We were not sure if would sit through and entire movie, but we were pleasantly surprised...

We talked to him all morning about going to see Buzz, Woody and Rex. He loves the first two toy story so we felt pretty safe. We got to the mall got our tickets and then hit the concession stand! It was heaven for him...he kept saying popcorn, coke, popcorn, coke...on and on! Then he wanted m and m's and gummi bears and every thing he could get his hands on.

After our purchase of our goodies off we went to find our theater! Peyton began to get nervous as we made our way through the hallway. We got to our door and in we went. At first he cried and kept telling us he wanted to go bye-bye! Then the kid previews started and he began to settle down! What a relief it was to us!

By the time the movie started all he kept saying was "Buzz, Woody, Rex!" He was so excited and finally started in on the popcorn!

He did great and almost made it through the entire movie. He fell asleep with about 20 minutes left! What a trooper he was!

We can't wait to take him to the next one!!!