Friday, March 9, 2012

MDR 5 months old

My oh my...5 months old already!!! I can hardly believe it.

Maddox is doing pretty good. I feel like we have been through a whole different world with him compared to Peyton. Not in a bad way...just different!

He is still wearing size 1 diapers...soon to be 2 I believe.
He is in 0-3 months clothes with an occasional 3-6 month thrown in the mix. I also see this changing one of the outfits he had on today looks like highwaters!!
We are trying to rollover...still no success with that!
Possible teething, but still no teeth...this child is a drool machine and has had an upset belly for a week!!
The first thing everyone says is "Wow...he looks just like Peyton!" and then "look at those beautiful blue eyes!"

His schedule is basically the same...normally gets up between 630 and 7. ..back down for a nap about an hour later, which we are usually on the go so it is a quick one.
Eating every three hours and I have started giving a bottle at the 2 o'clock feeding and also the nighttime feeding.

On a good night, MDR is in the bed around 8. Dad gives him a bottle of breast milk and formula for a total of 7 ounces. He will normally sleep until 230ish. I go get a bottle of formula (4 oz) and he nurses first then takes some of the bottle. This will usually get him to the 7 am...which makes me happy! The past couple of nights he has been extremely fussy and not a happy guy. Which makes for tired mommy and daddy!