Sunday, August 17, 2008

3 Months old and Look what I can do

I turned 3 months old on Friday, August 15th. Mommy and Daddy did not throw me any type of party...can you believe that? I had such high expectations for them and now this. Well I gave them plenty to celebrate this weekend.
On Saturday morning, Daddy got out this great Bumbo seat. He and Mommy did not know if i would be able to sit up in it. I have been impressing them lately with the strength of my neck. I am even trying to pull up to a sitting position. I used to love to be on my back and that was it. Not now...i want to see what is going on. Here I am in the Bumbo Seat.

I am really going to love this Bumbo seat. Mommy and Daddy says they are going to love it also.

In addition to sitting up in my Bumbo seat, I also figured out how to suck from a bottle. OK, i am three months old and some of you may say, what took you so long? I just like my mommy's boobs too much and had no interest in a bottle. I do not even like a pacifier. Mommy and Daddy have struggled with these for a while. Do they push it on me? Do they wait until i want it? Everyone's advice was to wait a while until introducing them to avoid nipple confusion. I am definitely not confused what a nipple is now. I know where everyone's nipples don't think so? Hold me when i am hungry. Mommy and Daddy have all of these bottles that they bought before i was born. Everything and everyone told them to make sure they had plenty. I have not used a single one in 3 months. Well, they look good in the cabinet. I have had these bottles shoved in my mouth a couple times when i was hungry and did not know what to these companies really think those "nipples" will substitute for my mommy's nipples? I don't think so. After struggling with this for a while, Mommy and Daddy found a new bottle that actually resembled a boob/nipple. It is made by a company called Adiri. They don't look like a conventional bottle, but they fooled me. Saturday morning, I actually sucked on it for a while. This was a huge step for me. My mommy was scrambling to get a hold of the camera while daddy was in tears while giving me the bottle. Here I am with my Adiri bottle in my mouth.

So now Mommy and Daddy may be able to leave me with my Nana and PopPop or Nona and Popi without having to worry if I will get hungry.

Let's see what I can do this week!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mimi & Pop's House

We decided to visit Mimi & Pop on Saturday morning and we arrived to find My cousin Cole & Aunt Meg...i was so excited. I also got to visit with My Mimi & Pop. Mimi held me and rocked me until i fell to sleep. Daddy used to get rocked the same way by i think he is too big to get rocked by Mimi. Aside from the humans, Caramel the Cat & Sassy the Pug were there. I can't wait until i can grab ahold of them and play. Until then, i will just watch them. When we got bored with what we were doing, Cole decided it was time to try out Sassy's cage. Aunt Meg began to think about the many posibilities of one at her house. To everyone who reads this and doesn't realize that i have Daddy's sarcasm, i am joking about this. Note: there were no Coles or animals hurt during the taking of these pictures.
I was the center of attention in this picture.

Mommy & Cousin Cole.

Sassy Pants!

Daddy was careful to get the pictures in the background--that is my mommy and daddy 5 years ago in October when they got married.

You really need to click on the picture of Cole in the Cage...with his nose all pushed up against the cage. Adorable.

I am a Bath Baby

I love my bath. So much that Mommy and Daddy don't listen to the doctor (let Daddy say that we are not going against medical wishes...when i had my baby acne so bad, she suggested that we do not bathe Peyton as much because it was drying his skin out and was causing part of the acne) and put me in my special bathtub every night. It is part of the routine now. I look forward to it. Even when I am fussy, hungry & tired (a lethal combination), when Daddy puts me in the bath, i calm right down. Daddy loves giving me my baths. It is his special task, aside from changing diapers and carrying me around, and he is pretty good at it. I also love being naked. When I am finished in the bath and it is time to get my diaper and pajamas on, I get upset, but I am quickly rushed to mommy to start my last feeding before dinner. What a great hour enjoy...bath, eat, sleep.
If you are turned off by pictures of naked babies, please do not scroll any further. If you love pictures of naked babies, and cute babies at that, take a look at me in the bath. Can you see the excitement on my face?

I love those hands. They taste even better with a little water on them. Daddy calls them my lollipops...what is a Lollipop?

Monday, August 4, 2008

PopPop went to Sturgis

You read that PopPop left yesterday with Uncle Barry & Uncle Louis on their way to Sturgis, South Dakota for Bike Week. Again, you read that week. Not the kind you pedal like my cousin cole's, but the kind that makes so much noise and the kind that you have to wear all of that black leather to ride. Can you imagine PopPop in leather? I have not seen it yet, but look forward to seeing it soon. I am waiting on him to grow a long beard and a big gut. I wanted to call him tonight because I am missing him, but he must have been away from his phone. I miss you PopPop. Be careful and have fun. I want to hear about everything when you get back.

Great Weekend with Nona & Popi

My Nona & Popi came to visit this weekend and we had a great time. I am very confused though. Whenever they refer to themselves, they call each other MawMaw & PawPaw, but Mommy and Daddy call them Nona & Popi. What is a baby to think? I guess only time will tell what I want to call them.
We enjoyed a night at home on Friday when they arrived. Mommy and Daddy made burgers so we could just hang out at the house. Nona & Popi, or MawMaw & Pawpaw, or Nona & Popi...i am so confused, could not get enough of me. They were amazed at how much different i looked from the last time they saw me. On Saturday, we were beach bums for a couple hours, until i got hungry. I love when Mommy dips my feet in the bay water. It is so nice. It reminds me of my bath, which I absolutely adore.
We ran around for a couple hours after I ate and then had some take-out for dinner. In case you were wondering, even when i have other people in the car, I still don't like it very much. Nothing helps at this point. Cracking my window, cracking the other windows, playing music, putting up my shade, leaving my shade doesn't matter. Sorry Nona & Popi for crying in the car.
If anyone has any advice on how to make my ride more enjoyable, please email my mommy & daddy. It is beyond time for me to visit the rest of my family in NC, but mommy and daddy are so worried about the 5 hour drive. After hanging out at the house on Sunday morning, my Nona & Popi left. I miss them so much and can't wait to see them soon.