Friday, February 22, 2013

P & M

I seriously feel as though I never have time to sit down and write what is happening with life anymore! Who knew these two adorable kiddos would keep me on the go all the time!!  

Peyton is doing great!  He is going through a stage where he wants to pick out his own clothes and sometimes our outfits can be, different!  He loves to wear ties, belts, dress shoes and button down shirts!  Kevin and I always laugh because we have no idea where he got that desire from!  He loves helping me with Maddox every single day.  He always wants to pick him up and put him where he thinks he should be!  He is extremely helpful in the mornings when we are rushing out the front door!  We had to register Peyton for Kindergarten last week.  He loves school, so I am hoping he will adjust to going 5 full days next year.  Time will tell...

Maddox is growing like crazy!  He will be 17 months in about 2 weeks...where has the time gone?  He is still not saying too much.  Just Mommy, Daddy and that is about it.  He completely understands everything you ask him to do, just doesn't use words yet.  One day they will come, 2nd child syndrome:)  He has become such a picky eater.  Actually both of my children are.  Neither of them want to eat a full meal.  They both want to snack all day long!

We are coming up a VERY busy couple of weeks in our house!  We are headed to the Bahamas for a few days next week and Peyton is beyond excited about it!  We are going with the family so he is looking forward to having all his buddies there in one spot!  6 weeks after that off to New Orleans for a couple of days and then 6 weeks after that DISNEY WORLD!!!  We just found out we will be staying on property this time!  I have never stayed on property so we are sooooo excited!  

All in all things are pretty tame around here.  Just making through 1 day at a time with these adorable kiddos!!

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