Monday, November 4, 2013

Peyton and Maddox

Just a quick update…
Peyton is IN LOVE with Kindergarten!  I never imagined that we would be so fortunate to find such an amazing school that he would adore as much as West Ghent!  So many new friends and he actually likes being there!  Such a blessing!

He lost his first tooth on October 10, 2013…we were at Nana and PopPop's house celebrating Maddox turning two and all of a sudden he reached in and out it came.  I think it shocked him as well as all of us!  He came home and wanted to put it beside the bed.  He was a bit nervous about the tooth fairy!  He did get $5 for his first tooth as opposed to his 1 penny that he thought he would get!

He had school pictures the very next day:)

Maddox took forever to adjust to school.  I would say about a month and then he finally got used to it!  After we got back from Disney he just decided he would like it!  Still blows my mind, but I enjoy not having to leave a screaming child two days a week!  He does take a baby with him each time, normally it is his blue bear that goes along!!

He is still struggling with speech, which is so frustrating for us, but we are working very hard each day to improve!  Our therapist still comes 2 times a month and coaches us through.  Hopefully we will see an improvement sooner than later.  

Halloween was a blast around here.  Hoping to get some pics up soon, but these two kiddos keep me busy.  We were the Toy Story family and everyone loved it!  Peyton was Buzz, Maddox was an alien, I was Jessie and Kev was Woody.  Peyton had so much fun this year and got way too much candy!

All in all we are doing great.  Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas!!  It will be here so very soon!

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